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At Williams-Sonoma, we offer a range of kitchen shelving to keep the space where you cook organized and neat. Extra storage space is always welcomed, and we offer a great selection to choose from. Make your choice from a wide range of wire shelving, wood shelving and even specific designs for beer and wine storage. Our shelving solutions are useful, and they provide enough variety to let you choose a design that best fits within your current kitchen decor. Start by taking a look at our wire shelving, which is ideal for kitchens, as well as pantries and closets. We have several options with five shelves, made with chrome, poplar wood or steel. The corner shelf makes the most out of any space by adding plenty of storage for additional dried goods and food storage containers. Choose from plastic or glass storage containers for storing cookies, nuts and cooking essentials such as flour and sugar. Opt for our leaning shelf for storing bulk items in the bottom compartments, such as fruit and bags of cereal. The wire shelves are designed for commercial use too, so they offer durability and longevity for years of holding your goods.

We also have floor shelves with wheels, which are useful in any kitchen. These rolling shelves are adjustable to be 14" to 24" wide, and many of these designs fit under counters or under other shelving units to create a customized solution that fits your space. Use the rolling shelves to store small canning jars. Because these jars may need to sit for months, placing them somewhere discreet is an excellent idea. Keep them in the kitchen, or place the rolling shelves in your garage – they fit anywhere.

For wine and beer connoisseurs, our beer and wine storage are sure to delight. For wine, we offer a wine refrigerator, as well as elegant wine racks. The wine refrigerator stores up to 45 bottles of wine at 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit in a UV-protected environment. Place this unit in your kitchen pantry, or use it as a decor piece in your kitchen for easy access to your beverage of choice. The refrigerator is infused with technology, offering precise temperature control and even an alarm that sounds when the door is open. And when a wine bottle is ready for popping, use our wine opener. We have traditional wine openers, as well as technologically advanced models that pop corks at the press of a button. For example, our aero wine opener uses air pressure to uncork wines, offering a simple and foolproof way to open your most prized bottles. Or, you can use our electric wine opener for a hands-free approach. Especially when hosting large dinner parties, the electric opener makes bartending easier.

For wine that should be stored in a cool, dry place, it’s as simple as installing a wine rack shelf. Look for racks that accommodate 54 to 126 wines, as well as modular racks that accommodate up to 36 wines per stackable shelf. These make for eye-catching decor pieces in the kitchen, or as great additions to any wine cellar. Keep a collection of wine glasses on hand near your shelving for enjoying the wine. We have red wine glasses, white wine glasses and stemless wine glasses. Carry a set on hand for large dinners for holidays or family gatherings.

If beer is on the menu, serve a cold brew with our single tap draft beer dispenser. These are ideal for half-kegs, and dispense cold beer with a Dynamic Cooling Technology™. Enjoy a high-quality beer that is typically only found at bars and restaurants, and please the guests. Pour the beer into one of our beer glasses. From lager, pilsner to traditional pint glasses, choose the glass that best fits the draft on hand. Get monogrammed glasses for gifts, or for a personalized touch. The dispenser also has wheels, making it easy to bring it out for events and for storage when not in use. It’s a great addition to any man cave or kitchen. Complement the glasses with our coasters to keep the tabletops in its best condition. Choose from wood, marble or copper coasters.

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