Kitchen Islands & Carts

Whether you use it for meal prep, a casual family dinner or a spot to chat with friends, a kitchen island is a visual and physical focal point in many kitchens. It offers you additional counter space for chopping, mixing and plating. It provides storage for small appliances, cookbooks and other kitchen essentials like your cutlery set. A butcher block island is a natural fit in a kitchen; the wood surface complements natural stone and stainless-steel beautifully. The butcher block islands in our collection at Williams Sonoma include kitchen carts, workbenches and gathering islands in assorted sizes and styles that blend in with traditional and contemporary kitchen designs and every style in between.


Made from natural wood, a butcher block island looks more like a table than a counter – a convenient option when you have limited space for entertaining. Choose an island with open space under the surface so guests can sit around it. To maximize comfort, each person sitting at the island should have 12" of room between their knees and the bottom of the counter. In addition to leg room, your guests also need enough shoulder space. An island with a surface area measuring 24" by 48" can accommodate four people for a cozy dinner.


Double the storage space in your kitchen by installing an island with built-in cabinets or open shelves where you can stow appliances, mixing bowls and canisters filled with utensils that you use daily. Details like a towel rack positioned at one end offer additional storage options. You can attach hooks and use the rack to hold cooking utensils, pots and pans or coffee mugs. That way, you can save the closet and cabinet space for items such as oversized roasting pans and a bread maker, which you might take out only a few times each year.

Prep Space

A kitchen island gives you room to work by expanding your available counter space and giving your home chef a place to work. Designate the island as a chopping station. Make it a spot where the kids can mix together ingredients in a bowl or blender for a side dish or dessert. Turn it into a decorating station for homemade cookies or cupcakes. Select a compact island with wheels so you can move it around the kitchen where you need it. Gather the ingredients you need from the pantry and refrigerator. Roll the cart to the center of the kitchen to slice and chop before wheeling everything over to the stove so you save time walking from one end of the kitchen to the other while you cook.

Finding the Right Flow

Choose a kitchen island that encourages the natural flow of traffic in the room. Make sure you have enough room to open the doors to the oven, refrigerator and dishwasher without bumping the island. You also need to leave space to walk around and work comfortably at the island. Ideally, if your space is smaller, look for an island with wheels so you can move it around as needed and store it in a corner when you want more room to move around as you work.

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house – a place where you start your day, feed your family and relax with the company of your loved ones. Create a space that’s attractive and functional by choosing one of the butcher block islands from our collection.

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