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Butcher Block Kitchen Islands & Kitchen Carts for You

When you need more space for meal prep, butcher block kitchen islands & kitchen carts offer you an extra station. These handy surfaces are a favorite of home chefs for their versatility and convenience. Add another surface for chopping, mixing, resting or other culinary steps to make cooking easier and more satisfying. Use them for storage, too, in a kitchen with an impressive collection of cookware or all the small appliances you've ever wanted. Explore the butcher block kitchen islands & kitchen carts at Williams Sonoma for an exceptional range of high-quality styles.

Placing Islands and Carts in Your Kitchen

Discover how you can place butcher block kitchen islands & kitchen carts to create a layout that improves everything about your prep, cooking and serving.

  • Center additional kitchen furniture in your space to enjoy room on all sides. This placement works great in L-shaped kitchens that open to new rooms or if you have counter runs on both sides of a large kitchen.
  • Expand a busy galley by placing a kitchen island at the end of a counter. You can create a seating area on the back end of yours or simply extend the length of the counter to organize more.
  • Push a cart against a wall to furnish an empty space that you could really use for meal prep or serving. Let family or guests grab snacks off the surface while you continue to prepare the main meal.

Butcher Block and Other Prep Tops

Explore different prep surfaces to ensure the islands and carts you choose are right for your home. Many people look to butcher block for its exceptional versatility in the kitchen. See how this popular material can enhance your kitchen experience every day.

  • Butcher block is durable, reliable and makes cutting of all kinds easy. Chop, slice, dice and more directly on the cart or island top. These tops are made to take the impact of your finest cutlery.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a surface known for its hygienic properties. When you care for your butcher block tops properly, the material is naturally anti-microbial and a breeze to wipe clean while in use.
  • Browse other high-quality island and cart tops to see if you might like a marble surface instead. Many marble tops are fitted over finely crafted wooden carts, so that you can include a sophisticated mixed look in your home.

Butcher Block Kitchen Islands & Kitchen Carts Features

Consider the various features available to select the best cart or island for you. Look for size and finish to match your kitchen aesthetic. Drawers, shelves, hooks, pot racks and other details give you an idea of how streamlined your room can be. With so many choices, you're bound to find one you love.