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Ironing Boards

Are you ready to smooth out the wrinkles in your linens and clothing? An ironing board and iron or garment steamer are just the tools you need to breeze through the task. Ironing boards come in different sizes to suit the size of your pressing projects or fit neatly in your available space. At Williams Sonoma, many of our ironing boards also fold up for storage, freeing up your floor space when you aren’t using them.

What Size Ironing Board Do You Need?

How big are the textile items you plan to press the most often? That information helps when you’re choosing the size for the pressing surface of a new ironing board. A compact board is well suited for smaller items. This is a handy option if you mainly expect to iron crafting and sewing projects or for pressing garments. If your space is limited, though, a small board works well for larger items by helping you press small sections at a time. If space allows and you expect to iron a lot of larger items, a larger board means moving your fabric items fewer times.

What Features Do You Want?

There are a few other things to consider when you’re shopping for new ironing essentials. Extra features, like an attached rack, provide a spot to stack your neatly pressed, folded garments and linens. An ironing board should fit your frame so you don’t have to bend over to use it. A board that’s about waist height or adjustable makes it easier to protect your back. Adjustable-height boards are also handy when more than one person in your household helps with laundry-related tasks. Stability testing and rubbery cushions on the legs help prevent tipping and sliding. The cushions also help protect your flooring. Do you move your ironing board from room to room? Wheels are an option that make it easy to move around. When you aren’t using your ironing board, it folds up for storage.

Keep It Covered

If your ironing board starts to look faded or dusty, the cover comes off for laundering or replacement. Replacement covers come in colorful fabrics that stand up to the heat of your iron or steamer. A new cover extends the useful life of your ironing board, too. A drawstring or elasticized closure makes the new cover adjustable to the size of your ironing board surface. The pad under the cover is also replaceable, and it makes the process of ironing feel smoother. Pads work equally well whether you’re using a steam or dry iron.

Freshly ironed clothing and linens have a crisp, fresh appearance that stands out at the office and around your home. The right ironing supplies help you achieve that smooth finish easily.

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