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Food Storage Containers

Keep your food fresh, stored in different quantities and easy to see with our handy food storage containers. At Williams Sonoma, we have containers made from different materials and designed for varying uses to meet all your food storage needs.

Display your food products easily on your kitchen countertop in clear glass or plastic containers. Group them into different food types, such as tea bags, coffee, sugar and cookies by your kettle and different types of pasta by the stove. Opt for a uniform design with containers of the same size or add a bit of interest with different sizes of tubs or jars grouped together. Short on space on your countertop? Place the containers side by side on your kitchen shelving where they’re easily accessible.

Freezer Safe Containers

Cook a large batch of food and divide it into freezer-safe containers to freeze for convenient ready meals in the future. Identify different meals quickly using different colored lids, such as red for a meat dish and green for a vegetarian one. Make set portions with containers of the same size or get a set of mixed sizes to cater to different ingredients, meals or appetites. Opt for Pyrex containers to freeze, microwave or oven cook your meals, then pop them in the dishwasher afterward for easy cleaning.

Finished making a batch of homemade ice cream? Transfer it straight to an ice cream storage tub made from BPA-free plastic. A double-wall construction prevents condensation forming on the tub’s exterior and a tight-fitting lid stops freezer burn. Fit the slender container neatly on your freezer shelf and scoop out your delicious treat whenever you’re ready.

Food Storage Container Materials

Food containers don’t always need to be sealed containers of plastic or glass. Bread, for example, stores perfectly well in a bread wrap. Choose beeswax over plastic for an eco-friendly choice. The self-adhesive wrap forms an airtight seal, allowing you to enjoy fresh bread when you want, whether in your home or on a picnic. Use this versatile and reusable wrap to wrap up cheese or cover bowls too. The only choice you have to make is which size to get, such as a baguette wrap or loaf wrap.

Display fruit on the kitchen countertop or dining room table in a decorative fruit bowl. A pedestal design looks elegant while a flat-based bowl goes well with both traditional and contemporary surroundings. Consider which material looks best with your decor. Marble is solid with timeless appeal, but wire designs let you see the colorful fruits. A metal combination adds a modern touch to your room.

Stainless-steel canisters have a modern look and store anything from crackers to coffee in the airtight design. Why not keep your pet’s kibble stored neatly away in a specially-designed pet food container? Choose one on wheels for easy maneuverability and one with a built-in scoop for convenient serving. Now every member of your family has storage for fresh food.

Our range of food storage containers is incredibly versatile. Simply select your favorite material, size, construction and style depending on your needs and preferences.