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Elevate Your Meals with a Spice Rack

The key to a flavorful and delicious home-cooked meal is adding the right spices. Experimenting with different spices and spice blends not only makes your food taste better but also makes you a better cook in general. As your collection grows, you'll want to invest in a spice rack to keep all of your seasonings organized and accessible.

Spice Racks

When you have hot food cooking on the stove, the last thing you'll want to be doing is fumbling around in a messy cupboard to find the spice jars you need. Revolving spice racks from Williams Sonoma hold a dozen or more different spices, creating a designated spot for your dried herbs and seasonings. Whether you're in the mood for the robust flavors of Italian seasoning, the spicy kick of crushed red pepper or the tang of dill weed, a quick turn of the carousel displays all of these spices and more.

A spice organizer should be kept close to the main cooking area. Depending on your kitchen layout, the rack may sit directly on the countertop, in a nearby cupboard or on a kitchen shelf. The sleek stainless steel racks coordinate beautifully with contemporary kitchens.

  • If you're starting from scratch, look for all-in-one organizers that include the revolving rack, plenty of empty spice jars and a sheet of labeling stickers.
  • To organize your existing collection, choose a multi-level storage rack with open shelves that can hold an assortment of jars of different sizes.
  • Empty spice jars are also available separately if you'd like to standardize a collection of mismatched jars. They feature a plastic sifter top, allowing you to sprinkle small amounts of spices as needed. The sifter is also easily removable for use with a measuring spoon.

Salt Keepers

No kitchen is complete without table salt, a mineral used to add flavor to every home-cooked meal. While you can keep your salt with the rest of your spices, this mineral is used so often and for so many purposes that it deserves a little special treatment. Upgrade from basic salt shakers to a gorgeous ceramic, wood or marble salt keeper. These decorative containers can hold eight ounces or more of salt at a time.

Most salt keepers come with a lid so your salt stays fresh and dry when not in use. These lids are designed to be easy to remove, even one-handed, so you can quickly lift and grab a pinch of salt as you cook. Some also come with a small spoon for perfect portions at the dinner table.

While designed with salt in mind, you can fill these containers with whatever herbs and spices you use most often in your kitchen. Set one salt keeper on your countertop next to a matching utensil crock and one at the kitchen table paired with pretty table linens.

Transform your home-cooked meals from bland to bold with a spice rack from Williams Sonoma. These handy racks not only help you to save time while cooking but also save you valuable space on your kitchen countertops or in your cupboards. In addition to using a spice organizer, use a handy salt keeper to keep a healthy supply of salt nearby while you cook and while you enjoy meals.

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