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Rowenta Steam Irons

Homekeeping is often harder than you would think, but household chores are a cinch when you equip yourself with the right tools for the job. It’s why we offer products from the Rowenta brand, a name that boasts more than a century of experience manufacturing top-notch household appliances with a long-standing tradition of quality. The next time the washing machine buzzes and it’s time to iron your linens, try using one of the Rowenta steam irons we offer to eradicate wrinkles expertly in no time. Williams-Sonoma’s selection includes multiple models with their own unique specifications and aesthetic designs to choose between, so you are able to find the best match for your home decor and laundry needs.

While you are putting together your laundry station, ensure your ironing board is up to snuff as well. We carry a range of ironing boards, board covers, and replacement pads in a variety of styles that allows for easy pairing with any current setup. Our ironing boards sets are also arranged between wooden and metallic models with various functional design types available to browse through, ensuring there is a style for everyone to enjoy. For those delicate articles of clothing that need to avoid dryers, also carry drying racks to hang dry in the home. Our laundry racks vary between standing and hanging model per your preference and are often an essential tool for any homekeeping arsenal. Remember, however, that when organizing an awesome laundry station, it’s easy to overlook the basics and it is a good idea to cover every one of your bases to create an effective environment for faster chore completion. Dirty clothes need a good place to gather, so introduce a hamper from our laundry storage selection to keep soiled clothes together in a convenient place. Our wooden hampers come in different shapes and sizes, with each model including installed wheels for an easier time with transportation.

Rowenta steam irons aren’t all of the brand’s products we carry either. Look through the fans and air humidifiers that we supply for more examples of high-quality products from Rowenta. Whether you need to cool down your rooms during hot summer months or bring a fresher air quality to the home, we have you completely covered. Our fans and humidifiers are designed with comfortable living in mind and operate quietly so you and your family don’t have to worry about being kept awake by noisy appliances in the middle of the night. Find Rowenta steamers among our fans and irons, which are excellent for touching up typically difficult fabrics on clothes, curtains and furniture as well. The steamers we offer range from standard to portable models and are great for getting rid of unwanted wrinkles and odors.

Of course, homekeeping consists of more than just doing the laundry, and it’s important to make sure you are ready to spruce up any area of the household. After all, you never know who may drop by to visit and when. For general household cleaning, check out our cleaning supplies to find a range of sponges, soaps and other basic cleaning necessities. From colorful gloves to pristine polishing oils, we have everything you need to make your house sparkle and shine. Then, the only thing left to worry about are the floors beneath your feet. With the correct floor care cleaning supplies, dirty tiles are no trouble at all. Our selection supplies dusters, mops and brooms to be used at your disposal, meaning your floor surfaces display the same cleanly sheen as your counters and clothes. No matter the mess, our inclusive homekeeping collections are able to assist.

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