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OXO Kitchen Tools

Are you planning a family picnic full of everyone’s favorite foods and snacks? Make transporting your one-of-a-kind crab mac and cheese or egg potato salad from the car to the park a cinch with OXO food storage containers available from Williams-Sonoma. The lids on these snap-top containers feature tabs that interlock by easily pushing the sides down to generate an airtight seal. The silicone rings on the tops keep liquids in, such as your famous salsa and clam chowder. The OXO containers keep odors and stains at bay, so after serving your leftover red spaghetti sauce from one of these BPA-free vessels, no one will know what you store before after they’re cleaned and drying in the dish rack. Clear, so you never have to guess their contents when opening the refrigerator, the lock-top containers feature green on the lids and come in sets of 12 and 20 pieces. The smallest in both collections is 13.6 ounces and largest are 44 ounces and 74.4 ounces, respectively, and you get square and rectangle shapes to stack on another. Don’t be shy in placing these food storage containers where food goes: in the freezer and microwave.


Never mind about lifting the lids on your leftover food containers. Make it even easier on your hands and just pop them open. OXO’s pop-top food storage containers take just a finger or two compressed on the lids, and voila, you’re in. Then, pop them closed when it’s time to store them. Not only are these food containers great vessels for your leftover meals, but they’re also ideal for storing dry foods in your pantry, such as uncooked pasta, nuts, granola, cereal, oatmeal and corn for homemade popcorn. The collection of 10 comes in varied sizes, allowing you to nest the smaller ones in your cupboard to save space. Use the 0.3-quart-sized ones to keep your bulk spices that don’t fit in your spice rack and the largest one to house your sugar or flour.


Are all the appliances in your cooking quarters stainless-steel? Your refrigerator, sink, stove and microwave? Then continue the theme when you choose a paper towel holder. OXO offers one in brushed stainless-steel, which balances out your kitchen decor. The paper towel holder makes simple work of grabbing a towel one-handed, especially when your other hand is busy stirring the soup or pouring your next secret ingredient into the pot on the stove. Let the holder live on your counter with your other stainless-steel kitchen essentials and never worry about it moving or tipping over, as it features a nonslip, weighted base. Whether you prefer bulk paper towels or not, the holder accommodates you with its simple adjustment and spring-activated arm.


When you have sensitive pots and pans that require hand washing or very large dishes that are too bulky for the dishwasher, make cleaning them simpler. Combine your dish brush and soap dispenser into one tool. Grab the OXO soap dispenser scrub brush, which also matches your stainless-steel sink. This heavy-duty, two-in-one kitchen implement makes easy work of scrubbing caked-on pans and casserole dishes or bakeware. Don’t forget out your nonstick items, because though they’re tough, the nylon bristles don’t damage your nonstick cookware. Fill the 6-ounce cap with your preferred liquid dish soap and then press the dispenser button when you want a burst of dish soap to release into your cookware. Keep an eye on the soap level and refill as needed, as all your pots and pans need equal scrubbing attention.


Your panini grill is a special cooking tool, so it deserves a special cleaning instrument designed just for it. That’s where OXO’s panini-scrubbing brush comes in. The thin, long and bendable bristles on this brush are no stranger to getting into and around every edge of your panini press or waffle maker to find every piece of food residue. Take care of the grease too, with the cleaning tool’s silicone wiper blade. After you finish cleaning and preparing your grill for the next meal it’s going to create, store the scrub brush under the sink with your other cleaning supplies.

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