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The Timeless Appeal of Bread Boxes

The all-time comfort food, bread most certainly deserves a place of honor in any home. Even for those who are conscious of carbs or prefer the rich bite of meat and light taste of vegetables, bread is a lovely treat, a comforting touchpoint and a culinary milestone when you're making it yourself in a new smart oven.

Culturally, it matters to almost everyone and many people can easily define the bread of their childhood, their ancestors or their own children's preference. Bread boxes return us to that place of warmth with finely-crafted walls, luxury materials, modern and traditional silhouettes and easy opens for when you just have to grab a chunk for a sandwich or a snack.

What Are Bread Boxes?

Bread boxes are containers designed especially to hold bread with the purpose of keeping it fresh and accessible. Most people put theirs on a counter, although they could sit on a deeper shelf or the top of the refrigerator in some homes.

  • These boxes aren't always box-shaped. While some feature the expected four corners and a lid, most open from the front by raising the lid upwards with a tab.
  • Traditional bread boxes are flat on the bottom but have a rounded top and curved edges that allow you to fit a variety of loaves or packs of bagels inside.
  • Some are the size of one loaf. Others are designed to fit several at once. You can also look for ones in the shape of baguettes, Cuban bread or other longer loaves.

Wood Bread Boxes & Bread Holders

Browse the artisan-crafted selection of bread boxes available at Williams Sonoma to find the one that fits your kitchen decor and tabletop looks.

  • Wood bread boxes offer a rustic feel that evokes the classic style's appeal. Wooden ones are popular because they frequently have room for the lid to roll back into the main body of the box when opening them.
  • Copper bread holders let you enjoy the hammered gleam of this fine metal while keeping bread well-preserved as you work your way through the loaf.
  • For a more modern take, choose a glass and stainless steel bread box. This style matches any decor for versatility when you refresh your cooks' tools or accents.

With bread holders to meet every type of demand and interior design, you'll be glad you started using one. Your bread will be fresher and your kitchen more organized.

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