Bread Boxes
Keep baked goods fresh in our beautiful bread boxes, crafted of wood, marble, ceramic and metal.

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Bread Boxes

Baking your own bread at home often requires a few pieces of specialty equipment, including baking scales and loaf pans. After the loaves are baked, though, don’t forget about storage. Bread boxes are a stylish way to keep your home-baked and store bought breads fresh and delicious for longer than they would if you simply left them out in the open. At Williams Sonoma, our bread box selection includes several elegant designs that can fit in with any kitchen decor style, adding versatility to this classic kitchen accessory.

Size and Features

It’s important to choose a bread box that’s shaped and proportioned properly to hold the kind of bread loaves you tend to bake or buy. If you mostly make or buy circular loaves, for example, you may want to find a bread box that’s not too narrow. Look at the dimensions in the product description and remember that the interior dimensions may be slightly smaller than those of the exterior due to material thickness.

The lid or door on the bread box is arguably the most important feature, especially if you plan to use the box to store homemade or bakery-made bread without preservatives. A tight-fitting lid helps trap moisture in to prevent your bread from going stale, and it can also keep unwanted pests like bugs away from your loaf. There isn’t much functional difference between a top-fitting lid and a door that opens on the side of the bread box. The doors that open on the side of the box are often made from transparent materials such as glass or plastic that may offer a view of the bread to monitor moisture and mold, which may be preferable in some climates.


Because they sit on the countertop, bread boxes should have some aesthetic appeal, matching well with the decor and fixtures in your kitchen. Matching or coordinating your bread box to the existing canisters on your counter or the marble or granite surface they’ll sit on can be a good way of achieving a cohesive look. You may want to use your bread box as an opportunity to add a new color or texture into the mix for a pop of visual interest.

Don’t forget that you can use a bread box for more than just bread. If you don’t bake bread or tend to keep yours in the refrigerator, there still may be some great uses for one of these handy storage containers. Any clutter on your kitchen counter, from bags of coffee beans to loose measuring cups, can get wrangled up and placed in a bread box for safekeeping. The generous proportions of the average bread box makes this accessory quite versatile for storage and organization in the active kitchen.

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