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Top Kitchen Counter Organization Tools

Using proper kitchen organization tools makes a big difference in the way your household runs. When everything on your kitchen counter is tidy and easily accessible, cooking and baking will take up much less of your time, leaving you free to tackle other household chores. Browse Williams Sonoma's collection of kitchen counter organization and pantry organization tools to create effective storage solutions in your kitchen.

Kitchen Counter Organization

The kitchen countertops are often the first spot to collect clutter. The way to reduce the mess that builds up is by ensuring everything in the kitchen has a proper spot to occupy. With a system in place, you can easily put away any kitchen tools or accessories that were left out and quickly spot any clutter that doesn't belong.

  • A countertop knife holder organizes your knife set while also protecting the blades.
  • A utensil holder keeps your kitchen utensils organized and within arm's reach of your cooking station.
  • Free up space in your refrigerator by storing your fruit in a fruit bowl. As pretty as they are useful, these bowls make a great addition to any countertop. Banana holders are also available to carefully hang bananas and prevent bruising.
  • A bread box keeps bread fresh and protects the loaves from getting squished. These boxes come in wood, marble, copper, stainless steel and other modern materials.
  • Paper towel and napkin holders are essential countertop organization tools for storing your kitchen linens. Paper towel holders hold one roll of paper towels upright, so they're easy to grab as needed. A napkin holder holds dinner napkins and can be stored on the countertop, then moved to the dinner table for meals.
  • Protect your countertops from spills or heat damage with spoon rests and trivets near the cooking station. Spoon rests give saucy spoons a spot to rest while you cook and trivets are perfect for hot pots and pans.
  • When organizing your kitchen countertops, don't forget the most important tool - the cookie jar! These decorative canisters keep homemade or store-bought cookies fresh so you'll always have a sweet treat when the craving hits.

Pantry Organization

If counter space is limited, you can use your pantry to hold many of these countertop items, like the bread box or cookie jar. There are also a few other organizational tools to consider to increase the functionality of your kitchen pantry.

  • Having an assortment of glass canisters for dry storage is incredibly useful. These canisters can hold food items like snacks, cereal, pasta and baking ingredients. Use a label maker or marker to identify the contents of each jar.
  • A Lazy Susan is another great addition to large or small pantries. Pile various boxes, canisters or spice jars on the revolving tray to take advantage of every inch of pantry space. A quick turn of the Lazy Susan lets you access items at the back of the cupboard.

Increase your kitchen counter organization with popular organizational tools from Williams Sonoma. Shop for individual items to fit specific needs or give your countertops a complete makeover with a deluxe countertop set. With many pantry organization tools also available, you'll have all the kitchen storage solutions you need to create a stylish and well-functioning kitchen.

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