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As the portal to your home, your entryway is the ideal place to make a highly personal decorative statement. And because this is a welcoming space where you and your guests shift gears and get comfortable, your entryway can also be functional, cozy and efficient. Williams-Sonoma Home’s All Entryway Furniture section has everything you need to strike the right balance between form and function for your home’s entryway. Every entryway is different – perhaps yours is a grand foyer or a small apartment hallway. But no matter how big or small it may be, you can make your entryway look and feel fantastic with your preferred combination of elements from our collection.

To build your ideal entryway, start by selecting foundational furniture pieces and filling in decorative details as a next step. Feel free to let the entryway furniture elements you select focus on your lifestyle. If you welcome guests into your home through your entryway and prefer a no-shoes policy indoors, provide a bench or ottoman for guests to sit on as they remove their outdoor footwear. If you do not have an entryway closet, you may also want to provide hooks or shelves where guests (and you!) can hang coats and bags to feel completely comfortable as soon as they enter your living space.

Console tables are another useful furniture piece for your entryway, and they can serve a dual role in the form and function of the space. If you use your entryway as your regular home departure and entry point, select a console with storage space where you can keep scarves, hats, gloves and other outdoor gear at the ready when you need it. Your console can also hold a decorative display to set the design tone for the rest of your home. Assemble attractive decorative objects that reflect your design priorities and provide stylish ambience for the entrance to your home.

Your decorative objects can also have balance between style and substance to make your entryway maximally efficient. Decorative trays, baskets and bowls can help you organize keys, mail and other entryway ephemera in a polished and convenient manner. This is a particularly good system to use if you tend to misplace your keys and like to keep them in a central location by the door. Other decorative objects you might love in your entryway display include sculptures and vases that you can fill with seasonal fresh flower arrangements to add even more beauty and appeal to your welcoming entryway vignette.

Consider your entryway wall decor too. Mirrors are a fitting choice for this part of the house because they give everyone a chance to rearrange their hair and clothing after removing their outerwear, and you can perform final checks before heading out to face the day. There’s also a distinct decorative appeal in the look of a mirror in a foyer or entryway vestibule; the beautiful, reflective shine adds warmth and illumination to the space, giving your home a glowing, welcoming feel. If you opt to display art on your entryway walls, consider choosing something that makes a pleasant impact as it greets you.

After you’ve chosen your entryway furniture and decor, you can add finishing touches by bringing in an attractive rug to tie the space together. Like most of your other entryway furniture and decor elements, rugs serve a dual purpose in the entryway, helping to add aesthetic beauty while also catching some of the dirt and debris of the outdoors before it makes its way into the rest of your home. That’s why it’s often best to choose a durable, easy-care rug for your entryway. No matter what specific elements you choose, you’ll find all the right pieces to combine among all entryway furniture and decor in our collections.

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