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With their beautiful botanical features and neat geometric shapes, wreaths are a fantastic decorative accent for all seasons. These decorative pieces can add fresh color and texture to any part of your home, whether it’s your front door or focal wall in your kitchen. Williams-Sonoma Home offers a variety of different wreaths to bring some beauty and natural form into your home. While seasonal splendor is certainly an option, we also offer all-season wreaths using fresh greenery, which has a distinctive, authentic appeal. Choose from materials, such as eucalyptus leaf, protea flower, pepperberry and bay leaf, to find the ideal blend of texture and color for your unique taste.


Our selection of decorative wreaths includes shapely squares and circles in addition to a few other irregular shapes. You might find letters, too. Greenery and natural botanic beauty, whether it’s in the form of dried fruit or fresh flowers, adds a vital sense of life to home decor, and wreaths are a great way to make use of this natural look and feel without any required upkeep. Some of our wreaths use all dried materials so they stay fresh and beautiful for weeks to come while others use fresh, fragrant plant cuttings that bring a temporary decorative element into your home. Both varieties deliver just the right amount of texture and lushness.


Some of our wreaths use living plants to create a wonderful variety of texture in an ever-changing live arrangement. Succulents are particularly good plants to include in a live wreath arrangement. These tiny, gem-like plants create a delightful mix of texture and color for display in bright light indoors and sunny spots outdoors. Plump, adorable succulents are famously drought-tolerant, so they don’t require a whole lot of water to stay alive. Whether you choose succulents or different types of plants for your live wreath, you’ll get to watch your wreath fill out beautifully in time.


Whether you prefer holiday wreaths or something to display year round, our carefully selected hanging botanic decor embraces good design and high material quality that captures appealing natural beauty. These wreaths use a balance of different textures and plant types, which results in an elegant presentation for display in formal and casual settings. Some of these wreaths use metal, fabric and other materials as accents to offset the botanical elements, adding yet another textural aspect to enjoy. Choose from subtle wreaths that use a single material or eclectic, delicately arranged wreaths that blend different colors and textures together with stunning beauty.


Wreaths blend beautifully with other types of decorative accents to create a cohesive decor scheme in your home. Pair your seasonal tree wreaths with fresh garlands and swags to bring some outside beauty in. Hang a wreath on a wall above a decorative display of herbs and spices in your kitchen. Place a dried leaf wreath between two decorative sconces or hang a live succulent wreath on a stone accent wall outdoors above your patio dining table. Whether they’re alone or part of a decorative vignette, our wreaths are beautiful and elegant, catching the eye with a wonderful blend of texture.


Wreaths are the perfect decorative accent for seasonal celebrations and any other time that you want to bring natural beauty into your life. With options for both indoor and outdoor display, our collection of wreaths is versatile, giving you the ability to create pleasing decorative vignettes throughout your home. With lush, exotic options and plenty of friendly, familiar floral faces in the mix, you can go for drama or subtlety with equal success. Find a fragrant herb wreath to display near a breezy window, or opt for a living wreath that embraces succulent beauty. With so many great options on offer here, you can get creative and try something new.