Coverlets & Blankets

Quilts, Coverlets & Blankets

In spring and fall, it makes sense to dress in layers. Days that start out chilly can become warm, and the sunset can bring cold temperatures right back. The same principle applies in your bedroom – a warm duvet cover may be too much, but your summer-weight covers might not be toasty enough on their own. In these seasons, it’s a good idea to provide layers of quilts, coverlets and blankets that you can stack or remove as the temperature fluctuates. Quilts, covelets and blankets are a great idea in any season, as they allow you to dial in exactly the right weight and warmth you want for your bed.

Choosing the right bedding can present you with a whirlwind of options no matter what the weather forecast is, which is why an extra top layer (or two) can make a big difference in how comfortable you are in bed. These top-layer options are a great idea if you share your bed with a partner who has different sleep temperature preferences from you too. Keep a quilt or blanket folded at the foot of your bed to pull up and snuggle under whenever the night turns colder than you expected. Williams-Sonoma Home’s quilts, coverlets and blankets provide the added bonus of being decorative and luxurious, meaning you add an extra layer of style to your bed in addition to providing flexible warmth.

There are many ways to approach bedding layering. Use a blanket underneath your duvet during the coldest moths of the year, or place it on top of your covers so you can leave it folded as a backup layer when you need it. Coverlets and quilts are great to use during the warmest months, especially if you live in a place where it gets too hot to use a fluffy duvet. These light top layers provide just enough weight and warmth for you to feel comfortable without overheating.

Our quilts, coverlets and blankets are available in a range of neutral solids and subtle patterns that match with any style of bed textiles. Pick a bright, solid-color quilt to contrast with with a neutral bedroom decor scheme or to pick up an accent color in your wallpaper, curtains or rugs. Choose a neutral coverlet to let your duvet cover do the talking. There are several different angles from which you can approach your choice, so get creative and think about an experimental route if you’re looking to shake things up.

We offer our quilts, coverlets and blankets in a range of different materials so you can think about texture as another option for making your bedroom look even more luxurious. Wool, cotton and even faux fur options await. If you choose a textured, luxurious option such as faux fur, consider leaving it as a top layer to create an elegantly glamorous effect in your bedroom. Faux fur coverlets can sit at the foot of the bed in a folded drape even when you don’t intend to use one to stay wam. The look and feel these coverlets bring to the room is just as valuable as the warmth they provide.

Whether you have a stately, dramatic bed or you’ve embraced simple minimalism in your bedroom, quilts, coverlets and blankets are useful accessories that add practical and aesthetic versatility to a most important piece of furniture. Make every night comfortable, no matter what mother nature throws at you. A good bedding collection benefits from top pieces of different weights, and coverlets fill in where duvet covers and sheet sets leave off. For those in-between times when you need something more or less than a fluffy down comforter, these luxe bedding pieces are here to make you feel just right.