Unique Designs – Our signature bedding features exclusive patterns created by artists at our in-house studio – you won't find these designs anywhere else.


Our signature bedding features exclusive patterns created by artists at our
in-house studio – you won't find these designs anywhere else.


Instantly Iconic


Our new Schumacher Bixi Printed bedding layers beautifully withcrisp white signature linen and brightly hued cashmere. A perfect mix of color, design and subtle texture.



At Williams Sonoma, we know how important the right bedding is when it comes to relaxing and getting a good night’s rest. Not only does it top off your bedroom decor beautifully, but it also sets the stage for comfort every time you climb into bed. Before you start browsing, consider your personal style. Do you prefer things to match, or do you like a more eclectic look? These are the personal details that can help guide your choices. Additionally, consider some of the more prominent features of each type of bedding to find the options that work well for your home.

Buying Sheets 101

Other than your mattress, your sheets are some of the most important types of bedding. They provide the foundations for your nighttime comfort and your bedroom style. When you’re shopping for sheets, keep the weave, thread count and material in mind. These are the three factors that determine how soft and durable the sheets are.

Common materials include cotton, which is one of the most popular options. It’s comfortable, durable and comes in a variety of styles. Synthetics are less breathable, but they’re less likely to pill after washing. Microfleece sheets are famous for their warmth, easy care and plushness. However, cotton/polyester blends are another popular choice, if you’re looking for warmth and easy maintenance. Modal is a plant-based material that offers soft, silky fabric with superior strength.

Thread count describes the number of yarns used in every square inch of fabric used to weave the material together. Many people think that high thread counts automatically mean high quality, but the weave is equally important in the way the material feels and wears. A basic plain weave creates strong fabric. Twill weaves have diagonal thread lines on one side of the sheet, and the resulting material has great wrinkle resistance. Sateen weaves have a light sheen and an ultra-soft, smooth feel.

Duvet Covers, Comforters and Quilts

Top layers look great, but they also provide the level of warmth you want and need when you use blankets of different thicknesses. You can easily swap them out for seasonal comfort and a quick update of your bedroom’s decor. Duvet covers offer lots of versatility to your bedding repertoire; simply slip one over your duvet to change its look. Not only are they easy to store when you aren’t using them – they don’t have the thick fill of comforters and bedspreads – but they’re also easy to wash, easy to switch out and remarkably durable. They also give your bed a tailored look. All you need is a duvet insert to slip inside the cover. Comforters are typically longer and hang down over your mattress. This type of bedding lacks a removable cover but comes in a variety of materials ranging from lightweight synthetic fiberfill that’s ideal for people with allergies to cozy, natural goose down.

Quilts, coverlets and blankets are among the lightest choices when it comes to weight. Pair them with a comforter or duvet for added warmth during cold weather, or use them on their own during the warmer months. Your main considerations include the color, style and size.

Beautiful Bedding Essentials

With all the options out there, it’s easy to lose sight of what you really need. Start with a mattress cover to protect your mattress. Add pillows, pillowcases, sheets and a top layer, such as a duvet or comforter. Some decorative extras you can choose include bed skirts and throw blankets for extra warmth and a pop of color. Add a few throw pillows to give your bed a plush look and extra texture. When you’re shopping for bedding, think about how some of your favorite hotel beds look. Neat sheets, a crisp duvet and pillows piled up against the beds and headboards are popular options for a tailored yet plush look.

There’s more to making your bed than just pulling your covers up every day. Let your bedding give you comfort while you sleep, but take the opportunity to have a little fun with it, too! Your bedding reflects your style and personality, and it can transform the look of your bedroom in a breeze.

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