The Complete Guide to Building the Perfect Bed


The Complete Guide to

We spend nearly a third of our lives asleep, so make it count. From timeless foundations to on-trend
toppers, our luxe bedding helps create a serene retreat.


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Start With the


Duvet Cover Percale


Percale sheets are loved for their crisp feel. The word
“percale” implies a minimum 200 thread count is
achieved. Whether it’s solid, stripes or other patterns,
our percale sheets are made exclusively from
yarn-dyed long-fiber cotton yarns, preferred for their
durability, breathability and overall feel.

The yarn-dyed long-staple cotton also allows for a
stronger weave that prevents pilling. Woven by
master artisans and renowned textile mills around
the globe, our luxurious percale sheets are crafted to
last and retain their beauty no matter how many
times they’ve been washed.



WSH_BeddingGuide-Sheets_02 Sateen


Sateen sheets are exceptionally soft and smooth, and
have a slight sheen, thanks to the “sateen” weave,
which makes them extra smooth and sumptuous.
More warp threads than weft threads create the
sensuous feel and shine that sateens are known for.
To ensure this luxurious fabric endures laundering
and wear, our sateen sheets are woven between 300
and 600 thread count. With each wash, you’ll find that
these sheets become richer in texture, softer,
smoother and continue to provide an elegant
foundation for your bed.



Linen Shop All Linen


Linen sheets have a naturally breathable texture and
relaxed appeal that make them a favorite, especially
during warmer months. The sheets naturally stay cool,
wick away moisture from the skin and are
hypoallergenic. Woven from flax plant fibers, linens
are typically nubby and smoothen out over time. To
create our exclusive linen sheets, master artisans first
stone wash the textural fibers, and then loom them
with superb craftsmanship. You’ll see that our
refined linen bedding has an exceptionally soft hand
– without any of the nubs – and the authentic wrinkled
finish of natural linen, which can be ironed out for a
more polished look.


WSH_BeddingGuide-Sheets_04 Sateen


Performance sheets incorporate an innovative, patented technology that creates a microclimate of personal comfort. That means performance sheets continuously adapt to your body, managing moisture to keep you at your ideal core body temperature through the night. The proven technology reduces the effects of temperature and humidity while you sleep and innately recognizes your body’s need for more or less warmth – so both hot and cold sleepers would feel just as comfortable in the same bed. Our performance sheets are Oeko-tex certified, safe for the skin and hypoallergenic. Most importantly, our performance sheets provide an optimal foundation for a good night’s sleep throughout the year, from winter to summer and all the seasons in between.






A: Simply put, thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The typical association is that sheeting with a high thread count is softer and of higher quality than sheeting with a low thread count – the more threads per inch, the better the sheet is.

But, while thread count matters, it’s not the only thing that matters: The finished process can be equally, if not more, important. After the sheet is woven, the finishing processes have a significant impact on how the final product feels
initially and through its lifespan. Often, mills that produce that most extraordinary sheets around the world have
proprietary finishing techniques – this final step is so crucial to crafting the best sheeting in the world, that they
safeguard their centuries-old processes. And while their sheet count may be high, it’s the finishing technique that
sets their sheeting apart from the rest of the world. It’s precisely why we travel the world and source our bedding
from esteemed mills and artisans who understand the importance of both thread count and finish.




A: Yarn dyeing means that the fibers have first been dyed and then woven into a linen in order to create the overall design. It’s an exceptional technique that weavers use to ensure that a pattern lasts. Rather than printing artwork directly onto the fabric, which undoubtedly fades away, our colorful and exquisitely designed
sheets are always yarn dyed.




Decide on a


Duvet Cover


The duvet cover is a statement of style. It often serves as the anchor design element in a bedroom and is
chosen for its overall look more than anything else. A duvet cover’s material becomes a secondary
consideration, even though its essential to how the duvet cover feels, drapes and ultimately looks. For a
natural, relaxed bedroom opt for linen. For a crisp, modern feel try percale. Sateen lends a luxurious look,
and any pattern or design upon it will impart a subtle sheen. Notice the duvet cover’s fabric as you define
your bedroom style, and you’ll find that the right one will enhance the look you’re going for.






A full-on style statement that makes a big impact
in a bedroom.




A crisp, clean and modern cover that adds structure
and shape to a traditional duvet.





A single hue with style from texture and sumptuous
materials such as linen and velvet.




Create the Perfect


Duvet Cover

1. Euro Sham
Create layers of plush softness



2. Standard Pillows
The foundation of a comfortable bed


3. Decorative Pillows
Have a little fun with the mix




Euro shams are ideal for king- and queen-sized
beds. Because they’re larger and sit higher than
standard pillows, euro shams provide an
opportunity to create layers of plush softness, add
comfortable texture to a headboard that might
not have any, and introduce a design element.
Place three euro shams on a king size bed, two on
a queen for a bed that’s cozy and inviting.



Standard pillows are a must-have for every bed.
It’s the pillow you’ll sleep on every night, so it’s
essential to choose the one that feels the most
comfortable to you. Two standard pillows can be
layered in front of Euro Shams that are propped up
against a headboard (as shown above). Or stack
up four and lean the sham against them in lieu of a
headboard. Adding the essential layer of standard
pillows is the foundation of a comfortable bed and
a good night’s sleep.




Decorative pillows are just that – decorative. So,
have a little fun with the mix. Pick a pattern that
coordinates but doesn’t match your duvet. Play with
texture and color, introducing contrasting hues and
varied sizes for visual appeal. For an effortless
change of style, rotate pillows seasonally. There are
countless possibilities when it comes to choosing
decorative pillows for your space. It’s accents like
these that can take a room from classic to
contemporary, warm to cool, instantly.