Bath Towels & Mats

Bath Towels & Mats

Bathrooms play a big part in our daily routine. It’s the first space you see in the morning, and where you head for a final once-over before heading off to work. So a bright and positive bathroom has a huge impact on your confidence, happiness and style. If you’re looking to spice up your bath, you’ve come to the right place. At Williams-Sonoma, we have tons of pieces to fill you with inspiration and help you create your dream room. Bath towels & mats are a great way to add color and personality to your space. Here are some suggestions for designing your ideal bathroom theme and making it a reality.

Focus on your comfort first. No matter what, the space needs to be inviting. Taking a bath or a shower in that kind of bathroom is something you look forward to. Things like supersoft luxury towels, warm rugs and a bath robe waiting for you all make you feel right at home. It’s OK to pamper yourself.

Trust your gut. What appeals to someone else doesn’t always have the same effect on you. The first rule of thumb in interior design is to go with what pops out at you. In fact, everything from the lighting you choose to your favorite paint colors all depends on your personality. If you’re a morning person, for example, bright lights probably fill you with energy. On the other hand, if romance is more your style, soft wall sconces are a better idea.

Make your bathroom size work for you. This is especially true when choosing your color theme and decorations. In a small bathroom, go with lighter tones throughout to make the room seem more spacious. On the other hand, an en suite bath with lots of area can handle much deeper hues easily. Remember that bright is more relaxing, whereas dark colors add richness, emotion and love.

Want something with an exotic flair? Go with natural tones. Dark brown towels, light green walls and wood cabinets transport you to a jungle in Thailand. This option is extremely relaxing, and makes you feel like you’re visiting a spa. Toss in some scented candles for good measure. A soft bath mat over tile or wood floors completes the look.

For a modern bathroom, get inspired by neutral shades. Gray adds depth and is easy to adapt to any room size. Dark walls with stainless-steel mirrors are very elegant. Or if sleek is more appealing to you, choose light walls, deep gray towels, and white marble countertops. Finish things off with a sheer white shower curtain.

If you dream of Mediterranean living, bring the essence of the ocean into your home with soft blues. Keep wall colors as bright as possible – especially if you have a lot of natural lighting – and pick out navy or sky blue towels. A large mirror makes the bathroom feel even more open. A white mat with embroidered edges is a great fit for the floor. Look for accessories featuring clean lines and white or stone surfaces.

Does your idea of a perfect evening include soaking all your stress away with a warm bath? Turn your bathroom into a soothing haven with salts, soaps, and gold accents. Ochre towels and dark metallic tones throughout the room give you the luxury your deserve. Sage green and coral are a couple of other relaxing color choices. It’s a good idea to pick out a tub where you can stretch your legs.

Create a Victorian bath. Traditional bathrooms lend some aristocratic distinction to the home. With this style, it’s a good idea to harmonize the design of your bedroom and bathroom – and even the dining room. Classic beds feature lots of intricate contours and flowing curves. There’s nothing wrong with adding a canopy for an extra touch of sophistication. In the bathroom, light yellows, dark blues and deep reds provide the sense of elegance you need. Look for pendants with brushed metal accents for lighting and decor at the same time. Wallpaper and small paintings are another nice addition.