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Bath Sale

Starting your day off right is important, and surrounding yourself with luxury in your bath always begins things on a good note. Whether you’re heading off to a day at the office, are ready to spend the day playing with the kids or are setting out on an adventure, having bath towels and accessories that you really enjoy can put you in a great mood. From touches of decor to aromatherapeutic candles to soft and durable bath towels, you can personalize your bath and make it comfortable with essentials from Williams-Sonoma Home. It’s always a good idea to check out the bath sale pages as well, so you’re able to stock your bath with items you want and need while staying well within your budget.

Similarly to bedding, weight and thread count are important when selecting bath and hand towels. Material is, of course, an important consideration as well – most bath towels are constructed from a soft cotton, and many of our towels feature eco-friendly cottons and materials so that your environmental conscience is clear as you shop products. Absorbency is another important point when it comes to your bath towels. Bathrooms can often be tight spaces, with lingering humidity long after your shower or bath has ended. You want an absorbent towel that doesn’t hold in humidity and dries quickly and easily. Look for medium to heavy weights for luxuriousness. An 800-gram weight is ideal for a bath towel; it is not too heavy, but strong enough for durability. Ease of maintenance and cleaning is also important. Of course you want a towel you can put in both the washer and dryer, making cleanup a breeze on laundry day. Whether your bath towels are for your bath or are a gift for someone else, you may want to consider monogrammed personalization. Add initials, a name or other meaningful phrase to completely personalize the look, or to give as a thoughtful gift.

In addition to having a soft, cotton feel against your skin for drying, it’s also relaxing to feel something luxurious under your feet as you retire from the shower or bath. Choose a bath mat with a generous pile height that dries off your feet quickly and easily. Also made of cotton, many of our bath mats feature a 1200-gram weight for durability and absorbency. This weight also feels soft and relaxing underneath your feet. While sold separately, many of the available hand towels, bath towels and bath mats feature the same designs, so you’re able to coordinate them together as a set in addition to complementing the existing decor already in your bath. Choose from subtle styles in a variety of different colors to match. Bath mats, similarly to towels, can be monogrammed for yourself or as a gift.

One of the focal points of your bathroom decor is most likely your shower curtain, as its design or subtlety has the ability to encase the room. To elongate their life, many of the available shower curtains are made of linen, so they’re easily washable and are meant for use with a liner. This way, your curtain escapes mold and mildew and is easy to clean, allowing you to enjoy it for years. Many of the available curtains have styles that integrate well with our bedding, which allows you to polish off and complete the look of your master bath, should that be the bath you’re outfitting. Shower curtain styles also stand alone well by themselves, easily matching and complementing your bath towels and decor. Look for simple, embroidered patterns that blend well with any decor, or plain white or neutral colors to add an air of freshness to the room.