DIY Gift Ideas for Brewers, Makers, Gardeners and More

Everyone has at least one friend who can do just about anything -- and has turned it into a full-fledged DIY lifestyle. When it's time to choose a gift for that person, select something that lets them go straight to their happy place. At Williams Sonoma, DIY gift ideas are fun, easy and become something amazing.

What Are DIY Gift Ideas?

DIY gifts are kits or sets that let makers and hobbyists create. The kits come with everything needed to either get started or achieve a certain recipe, infusion, sauce or dish.

  • Check out what comes in the kit. The kits at Williams Sonoma contain tools and accessories for hobbyists that can be used again for another batch of gifts from absinthe to hot sauce.
  • To make a gift even bigger, explore cooks' tools or other specialty tools. Add on a side gift to go with your DIY kit to help your friend advance through the maker ranks.
  • These gifts are popular because they involve more than just presenting a gift. Your recipient can enjoy the gift that day or later at another time.

Have Fun in The Kitchen Together

Selecting a DIY gift that lets you hang out in the kitchen together is always a fun treat.

  • Shop for kits to make beer or spirits. Then enjoy a cocktail together after all your hard work.
  • Learn to pickle. This is a traditional skill that will last a lifetime. Every season, there's new produce to pickle.
  • Make snack-related foods, like hot sauces or pretzels. Then, afterward, watch a movie together while you indulge in apps or snacks together.

Start A New Passion or Indulge A Hobby

DIY kits can inspire new hobbies, too. Once you try making something, especially once you're successful, you'll probably want to do it again -- maybe even on a grander scale.

  • Start a herb garden. The tasty leaves infuse your cooking with delicious aroma and flavor, plus it's fun to start a small garden, even indoors.
  • Try something more unique, like growing mushrooms. Chances are no one else you know is doing this.
  • Enjoy an olive lover's kit that comes with a tree. This kind of kit lets you connect plants with food to feel attuned to your food. Meanwhile, olive trees can live for centuries, so you're doing something beautiful.

When shopping for DIY gifts, you can help encourage the relationship between you and your recipient to deepen, too. The value of time together is the greatest gift of all.

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