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Top-Rated Foods

Dive into something delicious and popular with our selection of top-rated foods. From delectable desserts to perfect pastries, we have what you need to entertain guests or even just indulge yourself throughout the day. Each tidbit and treat is lovingly crafted with high-quality ingredients that tempt your taste buds and draw you in, so you get to experience the very best flavor explosions. Sweet, salty, savory and spicy options let you customize your next menu for cooking, entertaining or even just everyday kitchen adventures.

Crispy, light croissants and pastries make breakfast and snack time exciting. Even plain croissants are anything but basic; light, flaky and buttery pastry simply melts in your mouth with each bite. Serve with fresh butter, or slice in half and add your favorite gourmet deli meat for a stepped-up version of your favorite sandwich. Croissants make the perfect base for soft, fluffy scrambled eggs and crumbled bacon too, and you can even serve them as a dessert with a drizzle of fudge or caramel sauce. Keep these versatile, tasty tidbits in the pantry at all times to ensure that you always have a little something on hand.

Cookies, sticky buns and sweets are the perfect addition to any family feast spread and the ideal way to indulge on quiet afternoons. Fortunately, we make it easy to order the very best treats right from the comfort of your own home. Our morning buns deliver an intense, deliciously multilayered dose of cinnamon and just the right balance of sugar, giving you that sweet treat you need alongside your morning coffee. Italian butterhorns and butter cookies make an excellent side for teatime too, melting in your mouth and caramelizing into a truly indulgent experience.

Sometimes, only homemade with love will do. Whether you’re baking for Christmas or just preparing something delicious for when your little ones arrive home from school, we’ve curated a selection of products that let you skip the from-scratch and get to the end result faster without sacrificing quality. Choose from incredible options like pre-mixed dry ingredients and make-your-own cookies, pie crusts, pastries and bread right at home, or use our mixes as a stable base for recipe experimentation instead. We also carry wholesome ingredients like gluten-free flour, pie crusts and brownie mixes, so you can tailor your homemade treats to special dietary needs whenever that’s required. Boxed scone mixes let you prepare treats for teatime just hours in advance. Use our pancake mix to whip up a fresh batch of strawberry pancakes, or blend up a batch and use it as batter for a fish fry instead – it’s versatile enough to suit both needs. At Williams-Sonoma, we strive to provide you with diversity in choice, even when it comes to choosing from the best of the best.

No tray is complete without a fine cheese laid out in slivers or blocks. Choose from our most celebrated cheese collections and delight in the smooth, creamy and tangy flavors of cheeses like clothbound cheddar, mildly-sweet blue, Landaff and rind-wrapped pasteurized Von Trapp Oma. For best results, serve these on one of our beautiful silver cheese platters with a matching cheese knife – both pair beautifully with your favorite bottle of wine and a long conversation with beloved friends. Step your serving platter up to a new level by adding a few slices of salami, a small dish of homemade preserves or even freshly made biscuits right out of the oven.

Searching for the perfect gift? We make it easy to bless someone you love with sweet treats. Boxed chocolate arrangements wrapped in ribbon remind your friend or family member that you think of them often. Have a friend who loves to play bartender in the kitchen? Pre-mixed cocktails let them create to their heart’s content; all they need to add is a splash of spirits or liquor to make expert-level drinks. For the foodie who loves all things Italian, high-quality seasoned olive oils make evening dinners taste out of this world. Even finding a gift for the staunch from-scratch meal maker is easy with the help of our spices, flavorings and seasonings.

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