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Hot Chocolate

Who wouldn't love a sip of the creamy and rich goodness that is hot chocolate? What is your idea of a perfect winter evening? Is it curling up with a warm blanket, your favorite book in one hand and a steaming mug of hot chocolate in another? After all, hot chocolate is the ideal companion for long cold winter nights when all you want to do is snuggle under your blankets. Whether you are a fan of hot chocolate or an avid tea drinker, at Williams-Sonoma, we have a huge collection of different types of brews.

Can you believe that the very first chocolate brew was created by the Mayans thousands of years ago? They usually served this drink cold and believed it to be a mood enhancer as well as an energy booster. Hot chocolate was considered to be a special drink in Europe, right from the 16th Century till the 19th Century, and it was consumed as medicine. Today, hot chocolate is an indulgent drink that is available at just about every cafe that you visit. In fact, chocolate and chocolate products make amazing gifts for any occasion. So, if there is an upcoming birthday in your family or you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift, have a look at our luxury chocolate collection.

Hot chocolate is not only helpful to get rid of the chill when you come in from the cold. Even though it is often thought as a treat, something you would indulge yourself with, there is so much more to hot chocolate. This decadent elixir is packed full of nutrients that are healthy for your mind and your body. Hot chocolate contains serotonin, which triggers endorphin production in your body and basically acts as an antidepressant. Whenever you are in a foul mood, simply grab a mug of steaming hot cocoa and top them up with marshmallows. Your bad mood will be gone in a jiffy and you will enjoy a relaxing, pleasurable experience.

One of the other benefits of consuming hot chocolate is that is improves the blood flow in your body and prevents blood clots. Did you ever think that your favorite drink could reduce your chances of having a stroke? In fact, the researchers at American Association of Advancement of Science believe that drinking a cup of hot chocolate actually makes your mind sharper. Tell that to anyone who complains that you drink too many glasses of this beverage. Try our freshly baked crossaints and pastries, they are the perfect snacks to munch on when you are enjoying your hot chocolate. Whether you like them sweet or savory, we offer you varieties in both kinds.

Drinking dark hot chocolate regularly helps protect you not only from anemia, but also from serious heart problems. This is because dark chocolate contains high quantities of magnesium, iron, copper and potassium, which is good for your body. So do not hesitate to indulge your hot chocolate cravings from time to time. Our baked chocolate goods are perfect for those times when you are in a hurry and are craving for something chocolaty.

If you are searching for cocktails and drinks for the upcoming Thanksgiving season, remember to pick up a hot chocolate mix for your kids. After all, nothing says festive like a warm cup of rich and creamy hot chocolate. If they ask for seconds, do not worry about cavities. Dark hot chocolate is actually quite good for your teeth, provided you take care of your teeth every day. The tannins in cocoa prevent the buildup of plaque, while the theobromine hardens the enamel. Never thought you would hear something like that about a dessert drink, did you? Bring home a tin or two of our hot chocolate mix so it will always be on hand for you and your loved ones to reap its many benefits.

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