Cocktail Mixes

Home bartending can be a fun undertaking, but sometimes, you want to set your muddler down and just chat with your friends. Whether you’re a completely novice mixologist who wants to make a big splash or an expert bartender looking for some downtime, Williams-Sonoma’s cocktail mixes are a perfect addition to your bar cabinet or pantry. From tasty twists on classics like the margarita and Moscow mule to inventive new flavors that combine sweet and spicy or incorporate ingredients you may not have thought to include in a drink, our cocktail mixes make it easy for you to create world-class cocktails while relaxing and enjoying the drinks yourself.

Most of our cocktail mixes simply require you to provide alcohol, ice and glasses. You can use a cocktail shaker to chill your beverage before straining it into a glass without ice, allowing your guests to enjoy a cold drink that won’t get watered down with time. You can also opt for an inventively shaped ice mold, such as a large cube or sphere, that will not only make your drinks look impressive but also inhibit ice melt for stronger drinks that dilute more slowly. You can make drinks individually or mix up a large batch and set it out in a punch bowl or drink dispenser for guests to serve themselves.

The glasses you choose to serve your drinks are entirely up to you, though you may want to assist presentation by selecting either the traditional vessel for the drink you’ve made or using decorative cocktail glasses for extra pizzazz. Moscow mule mugs are a great example of how a simple cup can have a huge impact on a drinker’s sensual experience of their beverage. These copper handled mugs show condensation and chill on their outer walls, making the beverage look irresistibly frosty and cool for a refreshing tipple on a warm afternoon. Because our cocktail mixes take the prep work off the table, you can spend a bit more time on presentation, adding special touches like sugared rims or carefully assembled garnish picks to your drinks.

Whether you serve your cocktail mix drinks with a meal or alongside hors d’oeuvres for a casual cocktail party, you can make virgin versions of your drinks for kids, designated drivers and others who can’t have alcohol. Simply use sparkling water or soda in place of the liquor when mixing up a recipe from our cocktail mixes. If you’re making virgin and classic versions of the same drink, mark which batch is which to help guests make the right choice for their needs.

Our cocktail mixes are great for any occasion, and they cover a wide range of flavor profiles that bring the latest mixology innovations right into your home. From a dash of habanero in a margarita mix to pumpkin-spiked toddies and punches, use these mixes to create inventive drinks that match the culinary sophistication of the food you serve. Many of our mixes include serving suggestions and liquor pairings, but you can feel free to experiment and make the drink your own. You may want to follow the recommended mixing procedure on the bottle the first time you use your cocktail mixes just to get a feel for them before going off and creating your own concoctions.

Perfect for gift baskets, hostess gifts or treats for yourself, our cocktail mixes use bold and delicious flavor profiles to create the perfect base for you to build on. Make a classic margarita in a snap or add a twist to the classic Moscow mule – you’ll have plenty of options to choose from with our generous selection.