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There is no better way to get an instant pick-me-up than through a satisfying espresso drink. With home espresso machines, you don’t have to go through the hassle and expense of driving to your nearby coffee shop every time you want a jolt of caffeine. With an espresso maker from Williams-Sonoma, you have the freedom to enjoy a delicious drink whenever the mood strikes.


An espresso machine is more than just a traditional coffee maker. With this machine you can opt for a single shot of espresso or create specialty drinks like cappuccinos, macchiatos or lattes. The espresso machines available are as varied as the drinks themselves, but generally break down into three categories: manual, fully automatic and makers with pods or capsules. Understanding each type of espresso maker can make shopping a little easier.


Manual espresso makers require the most work, but they can yield some of the best results because they give the user complete control when making a drink. On the flip side, there may be a bit of a learning curve if you’ve never used one of these machines before. Most manual espresso machines use a lever to control the espresso-making process. When the user pulls the lever, it pushes hot water through espresso beans to create the drink you want. A manual espresso maker gives you complete control over how much espresso you want, and it also tends to last a long time, since it has fewer electronics and components than other types of espresso machines. Just because it uses the word “manual,” doesn’t mean that this machine lacks style. With these units, you can control the temperature of your drink, froth of your milk and other components better than any other type of espresso maker.


If you want to enjoy an espresso drink but are afraid of messing things up, then a fully automatic maker is for you. With some of these espresso machines, all you have to do is press a button and you can enjoy a steaming hot cup in minutes. Automatic controls let you choose your level of foam, select a coffee strength and opt for different temperature levels before creating your drink. Many models also let you make two drinks at once, so you and a friend can enjoy a drink together. For further convenience, choose a model that cleans automatically. The user-friendly format of most automatic espresso makers makes them a top choice among coffee lovers.


If you love the convenience of pod coffee makers, then you’ll also love pod espresso machines. With pods or capsules, you simply choose the drink you want, pop the pod in the machine and wait for a minute while the espresso maker does its magic. These machines are convenient, but they are anything but low-tech. If you want to order an espresso from your couch, models with Bluetooth connectivity let you use your smartphone as a remote, so you can control the machine from almost anywhere. With cup size control, pre-programmed options and automatic alerts, these capsule espresso makers are as intuitive as they are convenient.


After you choose your espresso machine, don’t forget the accessories. If you like super-fresh espresso, grind your beans right before adding them to the machine with a coffee grinder. If you choose to go the capsule route, make sure you have a stylish pod holder to keep your selection organized and close to your machine, where you can reach your stash at a moment’s notice. Finally, routine cleaning is essential to keeping any machine in top condition, and descaling tabs are an easy way to keep your maker clear of buildup. With the selection available, there is no reason you should ever have to leave the house to enjoy your latte.

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