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Add an Espresso Machine to Your Home or Office Today

A good cup of coffee can be pretty tough to beat. Of course, one of the few things that might be just a little bit better, at least if you're looking for that morning or afternoon pick-me-up, is a shot of espresso. A must-have addition to drinks like cappuccinos and Americanos as well, espresso is every coffee lover's best friend at least some of the time.

Use this guide to learn more about choosing the right espresso machine for your home or office. With so many different options on the market, it's a breeze to find the best espresso machine for you.

What Espresso Machines are Available?

The wide world of espresso can be confusing if you're a newbie. Espresso can be a tricky subject even if you're practically a barista yourself. At Williams Sonoma, you can find a wide range of different espresso machines that take the guesswork out of pulling a shot. Or, if you prefer, you can find a machine that's a tried-and-true favorite among purists and aficionados. Here are a few popular espresso machine styles you can shop for at Williams Sonoma right now:

  • Automatic espresso makers. Want the perfect shot of espresso ready to drink in a matter of mere moments? We thought so. Add an automatic espresso maker to your setup and you can be drinking the perfectly pulled shot or just-right Americano without the work and trial and error of a manual machine.
  • Manual espresso makers. Pulling a shot of espresso is a true rite of passage for many coffee lovers. If you're ready to take the plunge, or you're already a seasoned espresso veteran, you can't beat a manual machine. Make sure you add a top-tier coffee and espresso grinder if you're going to commit to a high-quality manual espresso maker.
  • Combination coffee and espresso makers. Deciding between a cup of coffee and an espresso drink can be tough in the morning, right? Well, at least until you've had your coffee! There's no reason to choose when you can shop for a machine that'll make great coffee and expert espresso. Combination machines are also great for coffee enthusiasts with kitchen counters that are already packed with knife blocks, cutting boards and cooking essentials.

Everybody loves a good cup of coffee, and if you're ready to step up your brewing game, there's no time like the present to move on up to espresso. Shop Williams Sonoma today to find the right manual, automatic espresso, coffee or cappuccino machine for your home or office setup. You can also find a selection of coffee beans perfect for your new machine.

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