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OXO On Kitchen Tools

OXO Kitchen Tools

OXO Kitchen Electrics

Starting your morning right is essential for having a happy and productive day doing whatever you may do. Eating the right breakfast gives you energy to get through your day, while a good cup of coffee perks you right up after hours of slumber. Make sure you get the best of both of these things with OXO kitchen electrics available at Williams-Sonoma.

If you enjoy eggs in the morning, nothing goes better with them than some crispy toast with butter. OXO kitchen electrics offers many toaster models that provide you with crisp, evenly cooked toast that never turns out burnt. Models are available with two or four slots, depending on the size of the family you need to feed. A handy knob allows you to control how done your toast gets, from slightly cooked to full-fledged crispy. Take the guesswork out of knowing when the toast is ready with an LED countdown, or put a little extra time on with the Add 30 seconds feature. The slots on these toasters are wide enough to fit bigger slices of bread, including Texas toast and bagels, and the pullout crumb tray lets you clean up easily.

If you have time to make breakfast from scratch each morning, OXO kitchen electrics include several blender and mixer appliances that let you whip up your favorite baked goods with even consistency. If you want to whip up a batch of cinnamon buns from solid ingredients, an OXO digital hand mixer is perfect for combining eggs, flour and yeast. These appliances feature six speeds for all kinds of mixing, from gentle to vigorous, allowing you to avoid splattering around your kitchen. The mixer automatically changes speeds depending on the consistency of your food. The eject button makes it easy to take out the beaters for cleaning.

If you prefer to drink your breakfast, OXO offers an immersion blender that liquefies your favorite fruits, vegetables and nuts into a delicious shake. The immersion blender is also perfect for making large batches of soup in your favorite stock pot later on in the evening. The nonslip handle of the blender gives you complete control while it purees with a high intensity. The silicone and nylon coating of the blender keeps your pots and pans from getting dinged up, while the LED lights let you see into your mixing container.

You can eat all you want, but the energy food gives is nothing compared to the jolt of a good cup of coffee. OXO kitchen electrics coffee makers are programmable, allowing you to wake up to the smell of a strong brew in your kitchen. Meeting the Gold Cup Standard, OXO coffee makers heat the brewing water to just the right temperature, leaving you with a pot that is smooth enough to enjoy without sugar or creamer. These coffee makers evenly sprout hot water over all of the beans, ensuring perfect saturation. You can even set the coffee maker up to make a single cup if you don’t feel like making an entire pot. The thermal carafes keep coffee warm and let you take them in the car with you for drinking later.

For a different take on the coffee experience, try a cold brew coffee maker for an iced latte with a low-acidic profile. All you need to do to make a perfect cold brew is to take your coffee grounds, place them in the press, add water and let it steep for 12 to 24 hours. It is important to get the right consistency of grounds for this process, and OXO offers a coffee grinder that produces coarse grounds for cold brews and fine grounds for espressos.

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