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Nespresso VertuoLine

Nespresso Original Espresso Maker

Nespresso Accessories

Wake Up To a New Nespresso Machine

Start your mornings right with a new Nespresso machine. These sleek espresso machines made especially to create a strong, delicious espresso coffee drink for you on demand. With lots of different ways to enhance the experience, like adjusting your espresso strength or having fun with a milk frother, your Nespresso machine is bound to become a vital part of every morning, plus the occasional afternoon break. Treat yourself to one of these high-quality machines today.

Why You'll Love Your Nespresso Coffee Machine

There are so many reasons to love your Nespresso coffee machine. These machines have become quite popular recently because they offer convenience and quickness when you need your shot of almighty caffeine.

  • The primary reason to get a Nespresso is the love of espresso. This dark, potent coffee drink is a European favorite that has made its way around the world due to its incredible flavor and immediate ability to perk up any situation.
  • The capsule method of brewing espresso has become a classic way to ensure your brew has the right proportions and strength. Nespresso capsules are recyclable, which makes them a more sustainable choice.
  • When choosing a coffee machine, many people appreciate the good-looking design and minor amount of countertop space this machine takes up. A smooth finish and small footprint look amazing in most kitchens or dining areas.

Choosing Your Nespresso Machine

Select your Nespresso machine with care.  Depending on how you want to use your machine and enjoy your coffee drinks, you can shop Williams Sonoma for either the OriginalLine or the VertuoLine. Learn which one is right for you.

  • The OriginalLine is your classic capsule espresso experience. You can pick any kind of drink to make and layer it with milk foam in no time.
  • The VertuoLine expands its offerings to include hot or cold beverages, plus the settings to create drinks for any taste.
  • Accessories include Nespresso-made elements, like an add-on milk frother, or other handy pieces, like a coffee storage container set to keep capsules organized at home.

Shopping a Nespresso Sale

When you're looking for a Nespresso machine, keep your eyes peeled for a sale. A Nespresso sale is somewhat rare. These are popular coffee machines with a lot of features that make them ultimately enviable and used almost every day. If you do find one on sale, that's definitely the time to get one.

Start enjoying the rich delights of espresso drinks in your home as soon as possible.

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