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Make Almost Anything with KitchenAid Multi-Cookers

If you love the idea of artisanal everything, KitchenAid multi-cookers are for you. These upscale countertop appliances are made for the home chef who wants to make a wide variety of interesting dishes that might normally come pre-packaged or take forever to cook.

An all-in-one system, your multi-cooker can whip up everything from risotto to homemade yogurt. Get yours at Williams Sonoma today and start creating incredible foods at home.

Cook for One, a Family or a Party

Home chefs love KitchenAid appliances for their versatility. A multi-cooker offers more than a plethora of exciting dishes. You can adjust how you use yours to feed yourself, your family or a whole party.

  • Use the steaming basket to make a single serving of veggies on the side of an entree for one.
  • Try roasting a hearty cut of meat for two or more on the roasting rack with precise temperature controls.
  • Prepare a warm, layered soup, stew, chili or hot dip in advance of entertaining, using the slow-cooker function on either high or low.
  • Spend the weekend on a fun culinary project with your family, like fresh fruit yogurt blends.

Pre-Programmed Functions Make Cooking Easy

KitchenAid multi-cookers let your kitchen creativity soar. Many people dream of making their own craft foods. Now, you can with pre-programmed functions that make experimenting fun and delicious.

  • Choose between risotto and rice functions for creamy dishes with crisp edges or a simple staple to go with every meal.
  • Make vast quantities of cultured, plain or fruit-flavored yogurt. Just use a probiotic starter for an at-home healthy delight.
  • Enjoy the convenience of sautéing, searing and more with push-button settings.
  • Slow cook just like you would with a single-function slow cooker or crockpot.
  • Keep food warm with a simple warming setting.

Go Hands-Free with KitchenAid Stir Towers

Enhance the convenience of KitchenAid multi-cookers with stir towers. KitchenAid stir towers are designed especially for multi-cookers, so you can cook hands-free. Let the stir tower act as the muscle for your cooking while you focus on pouring, seasoning or prepping the next stage of your dish or meal.

  • Three precise speeds stir, mix and incorporate ingredients for flipping and browning.
  • A flip-and-stir blade with a silicone, flexible-edge stirring tool blends foods thoroughly.
  • Two intermittent stirring modes fully mix ingredients while preventing foods from burning.

Add the KitchenAid multi-cooker to your kitchen arsenal today to invigorate and empower some of your best cooking ever.