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Cuisinart Grills and Panini Presses

Having a Cuisinart grill in your kitchen gives you a convenient indoor alternative to an outdoor grill. Offering more than just convenience, the collection of griddles, presses and other specialty kitchen appliances from this global brand helps you create a wide range of delectable specialty dishes for your entire family in a surprisingly easy way. Serve up a batch of hot waffle snacks for the younger crowd or help your guests enjoy juicy burgers as if they came fresh off the grill. Keep your daily recipes and dishes fresh with this line of Cuisinart grills and panini presses available from us at Williams Sonoma.


Just like its other kitchen appliances such as the Cuisinart toaster oven and the Cuisinart food processor, Cuisinart grills and panini presses come with quality performance that goes well with its easy-to-use and highly intuitive controls. The Cuisinart griddles we offer have several functions apart from grilling steaks and chicken breasts. These versatile kitchen appliances can also help you cook pancakes and French toast, press panini bread and even fry onion rings at the same time that you are grilling your burgers. For grilling meats, the Cuisinart grill can also help you cut down on cooking time by heating both sides of the meat or patty simultaneously with an adjustable hinge to accommodate various thicknesses of meats.


The Cuisinart grill has several advantages over outdoor grills apart from the obvious convenience. These specialty electric grills are significantly less messy to work and come with grease drip channels for easy clean-up. Unlike cooking with charcoal, this grill has delicate temperature control, which ensures that you cook your meats just the way you want them, eliminating much of the guesswork. Another convenience that comes with Cuisinart grills is the automatic timer function and shut-down option that help ensure you won’t overcook your meats.

Grill Plates

One of the key elements in the Cuisinart grill and panini presses are the removable and interchangeable nonstick grilling plates that allow for easy griddling and pressing on their surface. These grill plates are made of cast-aluminum material that is sturdy and durable. The aluminum takes less time to heat up, which saves on energy costs and distributes heat evenly.

Apart from its outstanding functionalities, you’ll also want a Cuisinart grill and panini press on your kitchen counter because of its design. These grills take up minimal space, so it’s easy to reserve a space for them on your counter and enjoy all the helpful, convenient features they provide.

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