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Cold Brew Coffee Makers

If you're a fan of cold or iced coffee drinks, a cold brew coffee maker is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Make your favorite caffeinated cold drinks at home with freshly roasted beans and high-quality creams, flavorings and sweeteners. You can have a faster cold brew with less mess when you use one of the brewers from the collection of automatic and non-electric cold brew makers at Williams Sonoma. For the best results when making cold brew, set your coffee mill to crush beans to a coarse grind. You want your ground beans to resemble gritty sand rather than fine powder when using the cold brew process. Use up to twice as much ground coffee as you would use for a hot beverage machine. The cold brew process allows you to make concentrated coffee that remains bold, smooth and flavorful without bitterness.

The wonder of cold brew coffee is the way you can add ice, sweet cream, simple syrup and other flavorings to your coffee cup without losing any of the rich coffee goodness you love. If you make standard hot coffee, cool it, and then dilute it with ice and flavorings, the flavor of the beans can get lost in the process. Cold brew lets you create all sorts of mocha, vanilla and other flavored drinks for hot days and smooth afternoon pick-me-ups. You can also use cold-brew coffee for cocktails, milkshakes, frosting and other recipes to add a rich coffee-bean essence. Some of our cold brew coffee makers take less than 35 minutes to make your cold beverage while other versions allow you to pour out the cold brew in 12 to 24 hours.

Cold brew coffee keeps up to two weeks in the refrigerator, so choose a larger cold brew maker if you drink many cold coffee drinks during the week. With a steady supply of cold brew, you can always mix up glasses of iced happiness. Stock up on all of the filters, measuring spoons, tampers and other coffee accessories you need to use and maintain your cold and hot coffee brewers. Descaling tablets and other products help keep your coffee makers clean on the inside so every pot you brew tastes clear and fresh. Order one of our coffee organizing systems with room for your pot, cups, spoons and other coffee essentials. A dedicated knock box gives you a place for spent grounds you plan to toss in the compost heap or flower beds. Order coffee scales and specialty filters and set up the ultimate cold brew station in your kitchen.

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