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Add a Cold Brew Coffee Maker to Your Coffee Setup Today

A cold cup of coffee is a great way to beat the heat on a hot day. Whether you start your day off with a cold brew or you prefer it for an afternoon pick-me-up, making your own can save you some serious cash and let you enjoy cold brew whenever you want.

Use this guide to learn more about all of the different cold brew coffee maker machines at Williams Sonoma. It's easy to find a model that you'll love for your kitchen countertops or office. Then you can have cold brew anytime you want.

Why Buy a Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

Cold brew is a real go-to for most coffee lovers at this point. While you might still want a hot cup of coffee or an espresso from time-to-time, cold brew has quickly become the king of the coffee world. Here are a few reasons you should seriously think about adding a cold brew or iced coffee maker to your home kitchen or workplace kitchen:

  • You can make cold brew for one, two or a whole bunch of people. With your own cold brew coffee maker, you control the quantity that you're making. That means you can make just a little or keep enough on hand for the whole week just for yourself.
  • You'll be able to control the water to coffee ratio. Commercially-made cold brew comes one and you get what you get. There might be some varieties out there that you love, but with your own machine, you'll get precise control over your brew. You'll also get to pick your coffee beans so you find your favorite or try new varieties whenever you want.
  • You can save a little bit of cash. Commercial cold brew can be super-tasty, but it can also break the bank if you're drinking one or two every day. Grab a cold brew machine for your home and you can dramatically cut back the cost of coffee every day.

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Time to try your hand at making your own cold brew? Here are a few popular cold brew coffee makers you can find at Williams Sonoma:

  • Standard pour-over cold brew machines. Simple and easy to use, simply pour your cold, filtered water over the grounds in your filter basket. Then you can let your coffee steep for eight to 24 hours, depending on how strong you like it.
  • Cold brew makers with pour spouts. Go from the cold brew maker right to your cup by choosing a model with a pour spout. Keep yours in the refrigerator and fill up your cup anytime you need a pick me up.
  • Cold brew makers with an included carafe. Enjoy your cold brew all week with an oversized carafe to house your coffee once it's done.

Enjoy cold brew coffee at home any time you want by buying your own machine. You can also find automatic coffee makers, espresso machines, grinders and more at Williams Sonoma today.

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