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Elevate Your Next Cup of Coffee With Milk Frothers

You'll never have to stop for coffee on the way to work again when you equip your kitchen with milk frothers from Williams Sonoma. Available in an array of styles, these milk frothing pitchers allow you to create delicious frothed milk to add to your favorite hot beverage. Adding this tool to your home coffee bar allows you to use your favorite milk as well -- choose from skim, whole or soy milk for your next cup of coffee. Learn more about this collection at Williams Sonoma before you upgrade your home coffee with milk steamers.

Types of Coffee Milk Frothers

Coffee milk steamers come in two styles, which both offer significant benefits and enhance your home coffee-making experience. Choosing the right one for your home depends on what design best suits your needs.

  • Automatic frothers - Automatic frothers allow you to multitask in the kitchen every morning. These devices froth the milk on their own after you add the ingredients and set the dial. So, if you face busy mornings and simply don't have the time to hand froth milk, opt for an automatic version. These styles have a larger footprint, but they're sleek enough to display on your countertop next to your coffee  maker.
  • Handheld frothers - Handheld milk frothers feature a sleek design. They're small enough to slip into a drawer when they aren't in use. Or, place them with other coffee-making devices like your coffee grinder. As their name implies, these frothers require you to do the work. However, powerful, high-speed motors mean your time spent frothing milk is brief. These devices are quite versatile as well. In addition to frothing milk, you can use them to create delicious homemade milkshakes or even your favorite salad dressing.

Enjoy User-Friendly Features

Regardless of the style of milk frother you choose, you'll be delighted by the device's many user-friendly features that simplify your frothing experience.

  • Easy-to-use dial - Set the right temperature easily with a dial.
  • Automatic design - Save yourself time and energy thanks to automatic models that allow the coffee milk frother to do the work on its own.
  • Attachments - Some milk steamers come with additional attachments that add even more versatility to your home coffee-making experience. For example, latte and cappuccino attachments allow your frother to make a variety of warm beverages.
  • Durable design - Many of these milk frothing pitchers feature a stainless steel construction that's both durable and easy to clean.
  • High-speed motor - The high-speed motor of handheld frothers allows the coffee milk frother to work quickly and effectively to create frothed milk that's perfect on top of your coffee and other beverages.
  • Dual speeds - Different speeds make frothers supremely versatile, allowing you to create the right consistency.

You don't have to be a barista to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from home. Add coffee milk frothers to your kitchen to create high-quality beverages just right for you.

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