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Milk Frothers

A perfect accompaniment to a morning cup of espresso or cappuccino, a milk frother is a great idea and can serve up much more than cappuccino. A professional milk frother allows you to make creamy hot chocolate, lattes and even kid-friendly lattes. Make a milk frother an integral part of your morning routine so you can easily whip up specialty drinks in minutes, which is a great way to start the day.


Different types of milk frothers have various settings and features for different needs. For example, an automatic milk frother may have a magnetic whisk that froths milk seamlessly and quickly. Look for a frother that has several settings in order to branch out your drink menu, such as Hot Chocolate, Latte and Cappuccino, to give you a different level of froth. Safety features such as automatic shutoff and spill prevention are important. Look for a dual-insulated thermal jug with the milk frother, as layers of stainless-steel keep the milk hot on the inside, but the jug cool to the touch.


You may also appreciate milk when it is frothed in a different style, with a disk as opposed to the whisk. Consider an automatic milk frother with a disk to create a creamy level of foam. This type of milk frother can make everything from chai tea lattes to a hearty cappuccino. Both cold and warm milk is usable in this frother, and it includes milk measurement markings as well as an auto-stop function. The nonstick pitcher is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, and it can be immersed directly in water.


For those who would prefer to froth by hand as opposed to using an automatic machine, we have a handheld milk frother for you. This simple little tool has the ability to turn your whole morning coffee routine around. The handheld frother can be placed directly into a coffee mug or a glass of milk itself. After a button is pressed, milk is efficiently frothed in 15 to 20 seconds. A stainless-steel construction allows for years of use, rendering this handheld tool highly durable. This handheld option works with all type of milk, even soy milk, and requires only two AA batteries to run. For those who would like to pair their handheld frother with a pitcher, opt for a special milk frothing pitcher available from Williams-Sonoma. A sharp spout lets you pour milk without spilling, and a stay-cool handle ensures your safety. Its stainless-steel construction allows for easy maintenance and solid durability.

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