Zwilling Pro Knives Bring Harmony to Your Kitchen

Experience the beauty and comfort of Zwilling Pro knives. These finely-crafted German knives are made with professionals in mind, but are styled and come in sets for home chefs like you. This collection has always been a showstopper with handles designed by starchitect Matteo Thun and blades created by master artisans in Solingen, Germany. Solingen is known around the world as The City of Blades for its concentration of superior knife makers. A Zwilling Pro knife set is no exception to this standard.

Made in Germany, Designed by An Italian Architect

The Henckels Pro series is crafted meticulously to meet all of your needs. Born in Zwilling's German workshop, the knives include the significant design savvy of Italian architect Matteo Thun.

  • The line of cutlery essentials includes chef's knives, serrated blades, spear-tip utility and paring knives, sheep's foot knives inspired by Eastern cutlery, plus carvers, carving forks and scissors.
  • Steak knives are available in singles or sets. These knives belong at the dinner table as a way to showcase your taste in cutlery. The bolster on the steak knives angles to meet a contoured blade heel for balance upon your dinner plates.
  • The bolsters of the Zwilling Pro knives for the kitchen are conceptualized by Thun, who created their gently sloping triangular style to balance the feel in your hand while allowing you to sharpen your knives' entire blade easily.

The Sigmaforge Process

Zwilling's Sigmaforge process sets these knives apart. By hardening them via this proprietary method, your knife is both strong and flexible, the two main signatures of an exceptional blade.

  • Each Zwilling knife is made of high carbon, no-stain steel and then goes through the Sigmaforge process.
  • Sigmaforge is a precision forging that includes a specialized Friodur ice-hardening technique.
  • The ice hardening makes the knife resistant against corrosion while protecting its flexibility.
  • Pro knives are then edged with precision lasers to make sure your cutting edge is sharp.

Use them on butcher block or your favorite cutting boards. When you're done using them, be sure to clean and dry them by hand to protect their superlative craftsmanship.

Adding to Your Zwilling Pro Knife Set

Add knives to your Zwilling Pro knife set. Zwilling J.A. Henckels makes it easy to curate a delightful collection of cutlery with their efficient blades.

  • For instance, you probably use a cleaver to chop through bone.
  • After that, many people find that with their meat deboned, they can use one or two essential knives for the rest of the meal.
  • Then, when it's time to dress food, you can prep herbs, citrus or aromatics for sauce or garnish with specialty knives.

This flexibility in choosing to use a few or many knives for each meal is a testament to the versatility and power of this cutlery line.

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