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Create Finer Textures with A Shun Paring Knife

Refine your culinary prep with a Shun paring knife. Paring knives are a classic kitchen item. Nearly every home has at least one. Many have two or three. If you're ready to expand what you can do with these small, essential knives, it's time to invest in a Shun paring knife.

How Do You Use a Paring Knife?

Using a paring knife is one of the easier kitchen skills to pick up. While knife skills can range from a simple chop that anyone can do to the complex skills of professional Eastern chefs, your Shun knife makes the basics a breeze and brings the advanced cuts within reach, even if you're a novice.

  • Most of the time, a paring knife is used in your hands or the air. This is why these knives have short blades. Anything longer than 4 inches would be unwieldy for this kind of cutting.
  • To peel a potato, cucumber or other piece of produce, hold the produce in your non-dominant hand and whittle away at the skin with your dominant hand holding the knife. Peel downward and away from your body at a comfortable angle.
  • To hull berries, use the knife at a lateral angle. Poke into the berry and circle the blade around the berry top or other stem. This is where the sharpness of your knife becomes important.
  • With a Shun paring knife, you can expand upon these uses. Work on your board to chop small radishes or create exceptional garnishes, like curls or flowers. These blades were made for this work.

Eastern and Western Cooking

One of the reasons people love Shun knives is because you can use them for both Eastern and Western culinary styles.

  • The classic paring knives can be used for anything you like. Prepare food from any cuisine or create a fusion meal all with this one knife for the smaller ingredients.
  • Enjoy the exceptionally-sharp Japanese blade for cutting quickly. Many of these Shun blades are hammered to release food from the knife without sticking.
  • If you love Asian cooking, you may want to invest in a larger, utility-style knife, like a nakiri or santoku to go with your parer.

Shun Peeling Knife Profiles

Shun offers a versatile range of paring or peelings knives. Explore different features to choose the best for you.

  • A 3-1/2 inch spear lets you work easily in the air. The closer blade lets you focus the power of your cuts on the food while keeping easy control of the knife.
  • A 4-inch spear works for cooks who like to trim or chop with their paring knife. You can perform hand work with these knives, too.
  • Sheep's foot blades are a traditional smaller Japanese knife style. They are made for fast chopping or creating match stick style cuts.
  • Bird's beak blades hook into fruit or other softer food to create a traction point for more advanced cutting work.

Most knife sets include a parer as part of a wide array of knife types. Add a single parer to your collection for every day or specialty use.

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