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Slice The Perfect Sandwich and More with A Global Bread Knife

If any knife in your arsenal has unexpected abilities, it's the bread knife. Shop a Global bread knife to discover just how much this large utility blade can do. While it's always been an essential in every kitchen, knowing the features and facts about the versatile serrated knife catapults this basic to must-have and must have nearby. Discover the stylish, exceptionally-crafted Japanese knives from Global and begin expanding your relationship with this everyday cutlery.

Shopping for a Global Serrated Bread Knife

Selecting your new Global serrated bread knife is a matter of personal preferences, culinary styles and experience with cutlery.

If you're new to high-end knives, feel free to invest in a bread knife. It's a staple you can use for years or even a lifetime. If you already have a collection of knives, select your next addition based Global's stellar combination of looks and functionality.

  • Industrial designer Komin Yamada designs most of Global's knives. Yamada has led the aesthetic at Global since the 1980s and is a coveted name in cutlery, where he consults, leads and designs on many noteworthy collaborations.
  • Individually hand-hammered knives feature edges that are 10% sharper than other knives when taken directly out of the box. This major achievement is verified by an internationally recognized standard for measuring sharpness.
  • Choose an 8-3/4 or 9-inch bread knife to enjoy the most versatility. This length is standard and cuts through even high-piled sandwiches. If you like using your bread knife for other foods, choose the slightly shorter blade for better dexterity.
  • Scope out the bagel knife with a blade of 6 inches. This knife cuts through the unique texture of a bagel and has a blade made for spreading soft cheeses.

Expand What You Can Do with Your Knife

A Global serrated knife lets you maximize the use of a single knife. Thanks to its extraordinary sharpness and textured grip handles, you can keep your Global bread knife handy throughout your kitchen prep.

  • Slice through tomatoes with great ease. The flesh retains its water with a sharp, clean cut.
  • Saw through pineapples with a light rocking motion of the knife. Cutting through cores is quicker with the right knife.
  • Make sure your layered confections keep their shape and flavors. By cutting neatly through cake, you can enjoy the icing, cake and filling as it was intended.

Exclusive to Williams Sonoma

Global is a coveted brand around the world. Made in Japan by highly skilled cutlers who excel in the art of blade creation and seamless knife construction, these knives display a rare combination of beauty, balance, ease of use and extreme cutting precision.

Look for collections, like the range of Ukon knives, created for an exclusive partnership with Williams Sonoma to experience two world-class lines together and own a knife few others will be able to get.

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