Which Is The Best Santoku Knife for You?

Experience the glory of a santoku. The best santoku knife is one that you feel comfortable using every day. This Asian utility knife is the Eastern version of the Western chef's knife. There are a few key differences that make your santoku ideal for certain dishes, incredibly fast chopping techniques and ultra-fine slices. Discover your new knife based on blade style, handle grip, overall construction and balancing factors.

Why Do You Need A Santoku?

Many home chefs love their Santoku kitchen knife for its lightweight ease and speed.

Some say that to get the absolute best santoku knife, you need to shop Japanese collections. Japanese cutlers have refined the art of the blade to a sharpness and precision that impresses even professional chefs. A number of German knife makers produce santokus, too, and if you're committed to a certain line, don't let the country of origin deter you from picking the knife you love best.

  • Use your santoku for fine cuts, like slivers of radishes or cucumber or beautifully presented Eastern or Western seafood dishes.
  • Create chopped dishes with clean cuts and speed. For instance, match sticking vegetables like carrots or potatoes is exceptionally precise. You can chop through greens and other salad mix-ins, too.
  • Discover the everyday versatility of the knife. In many homes, this knife is the go-to for meal prep.

Using A Rocking Motion When Cutting

A santoku is renowned for its chopping abilities. These knives have a sheep's foot-shaped blade that is round on the top edge and less pointed than the typical spear-tip knife for a triangular look.

  • With a typical everyday Western knife, many people use a rocking motion for food prep.
  • This technique involves leaving the tip of the knife on the cutting board and bouncing or rocking the knife blade up and down from that stable tip, moving laterally as you go.
  • With a santoku, the sheep's foot blade supports an up-and-down chop. Nearly everyone can pick this technique up right away. It's faster and provides precise, even cuts as you become more dexterous with the movement.
  • Some people truly prefer the rocking motion, though. If this describes you, you're in luck. Zwilling makes a santoku that allows rocking by tapering the bottom of the blade edge. Its other features conform to the santoku format.

Deciding on A Hollow-Edge Blade

Many Asian knives feature a hollow-edge blade. This blade is characterized by the oval indentations running the length of the blade.

  • The indents keep food from sticking as you cut finely.
  • They also reduce friction for continually efficient chopping, competing even with peelers for effectiveness and ease.
  • The weight is slightly lighter on these knives, which you may or may not notice.

With so many options, choosing the best santoku knife for you is a pleasure when you shop Williams Sonoma.

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