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Wolf Gourmet Cookware

A 10-piece set of Wolf Gourmet Cookware is a great way to stock the kitchen cabinet with the pots and pans a cook needs. It’s a fabulous wedding gift for a couple getting married and it also makes a good gift for someone replenishing an old set. Patented seven-ply stainless steel construction optimizes heat retention. The cookware heats quickly and is evenly distributed. Two skillets, two saucepans with lids, a sauté pan with a lid and an 8-qt. stockpot with a lid are included. Add measuring cups and spoons for accuracy in mixing and cooking. Stainless steel, silicone and copper are options, as well as nesting types that are neatly stored within each other.

The durable dutch oven has a magnetic stainless-steel layer, so it can be used on induction burners. A beveled wall reduces the risk of burning and sticking. With a tight-fitting lid, moisture stays inside. Cook casseroles or one-pot meals easily in this 6-qt. pot. At Williams-Sonoma, we have a variety of cooking spoons and spatulas that would work well for stirring and food preparation. Slotted spoons are useful with rice, quinoa and other foods that need to strain out liquid. A pasta spoon helps with gripping the pasta to put it on serving platters or bowls. Ladles scoop out hot soups, stews and gravies to get every last drop in the bowl or gravy boat.

For cooking smaller amounts of food, a countertop oven is very convenient. Six cooking modes make it an efficient method of cooking. Proof, warm, roast, bake, broil or toast with this perimeter convection oven that heats so efficiently it reduces cooking time by 25 percent. Tongs and forks aid in removing foods from the oven or with serving. Choose from silicone, stainless-steel and kitchen scissor tongs or serving forks.

Additionally, the two- or four-slice toaster is a quick way to toast bread. The slots are wide enough to toast bagels too. The bread or bagels stay warm in the toaster until you are ready to serve them. Specialty jams and honey make tasty toppings for the toast. Wild blueberry preserves, lemon curd jam and black truffle honeycomb are mouth-watering choices. They will turn a simple bagel into a gourmet breakfast.

To slice bagels and other foods and to spread toppings evenly, you’ll need appropriate knives. The 6-piece block set includes the most essential cutlery. The paring, utility, chef’s and bread knives fit neatly in a storage block. The honing steel rod, which also fits in the storage block, will keep them all sharp to last for many years. No more dull knives to contend with that might slow down your cooking. Cutting boards are necessary to protect countertops and to keep food sanitary while chopping or slicing. Rectangular walnut or maple cutting boards are beautiful and will double as a decorative kitchen item. A square chopping block is both functional and an accent to the kitchen decor. The bread boards with handles are practical for slicing bread or cheese, but can also be an attractive serving piece.

The Wolf Gourmet blender is multi-purpose and comes with a 2.4-peak-horsepower motor with four settings. Select smoothie, ice crush, puree or soup. Your morning smoothie will be a breeze to make with this high performance blender complete with a filler cap for measuring. There is also an emulsion cup for blending dressings and marinades. While making juices and smoothies, handy presses and juicers will make the prepping quicker. You will use them often when adding a touch of lime, orange or lemon to a dish. A citrus juicer gets as much of the juice out as possible, so there isn’t any wasted juice left in the fruit.

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