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Ruffoni Historia Cookware

Combine functionality with visual appeal when choosing your cookware with us at Williams-Sonoma. The Italian cookware manufacturer, Ruffoni, is renowned for its charming cookware that’s detailed with botanical designs as its signature theme. The Ruffoni Historia cookware adds a gleam to your kitchen with the copper compositions and brass accents.

Hailing from the Italian Alps, the handcrafted roaster is suitable for cooking poultry, roast meats and casseroles. The hammered-copper design allows for exceptional conductivity of heat while nonreactive tin lines the interior. The lid helps retain the heat and is fashioned with a striking acorn knob made from cast brass. The cast-brass handles are perfect for carrying the roaster straight from the stove to your table.

Prepare stock, soup and stews in the copper stockpot. The rounded base keeps heat trapped inside as does the copper lid, which is lined with tin. Heat is conducted well through the hand-hammered copper. The large brass handles have a riveted design and enable you to carry the stockpot when wearing oven mitts. The cast-brass knob has a fun design of a pineapple with leaves set atop the lid. An alternative stockpot design is crowned with a sculpted artichoke and leaves.

The heat responsive copper chef’s pan has a single copper sheet construction and a durable tin interior, which is nonreactive. If you fancy risotto for your meal then you’re in luck as that’s what this pan is specifically designed for. You can always use it to cook soup for something lighter to eat or for simmering sauces. It comes with a cherrywood risotto spoon that has a circular opening to ensure the consistency of your risotto is creamy. Heat the stock for your risotto in the sauce pot. The versatile pot can also be used to simmer sauces and has a cast-brass acorn knob on the lid.

Flip or turn ingredients easily when frying thanks to the low sides of the fry pan. The flared design keeps condensation at bay, and the copper construction enables the pan to respond quickly to cooking temperature changes. The riveted brass handle is sculpted with beautiful artichokes and leaves. Acorns and oak leaves adorn the handles of the gratin pan. The copper pan is shallow by design to ensure the food stays moist with a browned and crisp top.

Make a delicious dessert using the copper cake mold. The brass loop makes it easy for you to separate the top of the mold from the base without breaking the shape of the cake. Heat chocolate in the copper fondue pot and enjoy a casual dessert with family or friends as you dip fresh fruit, marshmallows or honeycomb in the velvety liquid.

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