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Revol Cookware

Having ceramic cookware you can trust in has the ability to turn cooking and baking into an activity you look forward to doing. When you have the right tools and equipment at your fingertips, it opens the door to many possibilities in exploring new cuisines, dishes and flavors. Revol Cookware is exceptional as ceramic cookware and ovenware of the company’s relentless attention to detail and quality, which has been in place since its inception. First founded in France in 1788, to this day the company still fires its own clay. Each piece of ceramic cookware is delicately crafted with nonporous ceramic, adding to its thermal-shock resistance, durability and longevity.

Most pieces within the Revol collection move seamlessly from stove top to oven to freezer to microwave or dishwasher with ease. In fact, these pieces were created with that type of versatility in mind. Whether you’re preparing an entrée for a weeknight meal or are designing a dinner party with a large guest list, all of the cookware and ovenware you need to make your cooking and baking a success is at Williams-Sonoma.

One of the most versatile ceramic pieces to add to your collection is a cocotte. Designed for your oven, stove top, freezer or microwave, a Revol cocotte works on nearly every surface except induction cooking. Lightweight and easy to work with, these types of cocottes have a high-fired porcelain construction, allowing heat to circulate gently through to make exceptional, evenly cooked food. A cocotte is a French term that is very similar to what is often referred to as a Dutch oven. The ceramic and porcelain construction of a cocotte, however, leads to even heating, with a resistance to scorching and burning, even at a high temperature. Nonstick and dishwasher-safe, cocottes made by Revol are incredibly simple to clean and maintain.

Cocottes are useful for making a variety of different meals, such as stovetop casseroles, vegetables, sides, soups, stews, braised dishes and more. Cocottes can come in several different sizes, and it’s to an advantage to have several sizes for making different types of meals. For example, small or miniature cocottes work well to make small, layered casseroles and individual dishes, such as individual shepherd’s pie. Because these items can move seamlessly from stove top to oven, there are many other possibilities to dream up, such as pastry puffs and small soufflés.

Other types of cookware that deserve a spot in your kitchen include baker’s pans as well as cake and pie pans. A baker’s pan allows you to cook many different types of foods, from entrées to desserts. Use this type of pan for baking brownies on a cold winter day or for whipping up your green bean casserole at holiday time. You can also brown biscuits, bake poultry and meats and oven-fry side dishes easily. Having a good amount of cake and pie pans on hand is essential as well. Use a round cake pan to make layer cakes for birthdays and special occasions, such as weddings or showers, and use a flat, rectangular cake pans for home desserts and sweets. Opt for several different-sized pie plates to make an array of different pies, quiches and tarts. Tartlet pans are also useful to have in your ensemble, for making everything from crème brûlée to custard.

If you’re new to baking or looking to replace your current bakeware, Revol does offer a majority of its best offerings in a bakeware set. Stock your kitchen with everything from ramekins to loaf pans. This type of set offers you a handful of basics and some specialty bakeware, allowing you to get a good start on the basics of baking, such as tarts, pies, cakes and more.

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