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Junior Chef Cookware

Launch kids on their own cooking adventures with Junior Chef cookware sets, cookbook and apparel. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer a wide assortment of kid-size cookware, bakeware and gadgets. Whether kids want to try out the newest household cookie cutters or help measure ingredients for a casserole, we’ve got the tools, pans and even an authentic chef jacket to let them really shine in the kitchen. Our chef hat and jacket in kid sizes are made of 100 percent cotton and protect hair and clothes from flying flour, sauces and other messy ingredients. Coats can be monogrammed with kids’ names for even more young culinary encouragement.

It’s fun for all ages to make cookies and pancakes in the shapes of favorite movie and game characters. Kids also love cooking and baking foods from beloved books and nursery rhymes. Make some tarts for the Queen of Hearts, or cook up some bread and jam for Frances. Start a never-ending pot of pasta like Strega Nona’s, and develop other recipes from kids’ favorite picture and story books. This is a great method to introduce foods from other cultures, spark cooking inspiration and encourage the love of reading. Purchase a blank book for your children and help them start their own recipe collection to put all of their skills to work.

Our Junior Chef measuring cups and spoons are crafted with the same care as our adult versions of these kitchen must-haves. You’re assured that recipes you have cooking in the kids’ bakeware and frying pans come out tasty, because the measurements are just as accurate as the “real” measuring tools. Kids can help mix up dough and sauce for pizza or sift out the correct amount of flour for a pie crust. With the kid-size gadgets, your child can also core apples for a pie, grate cheese for mac & cheese or whisk eggs for an omelets.

Make time for baking even if you’re a busy parent or caregiver with our convenient baking mixes and decorations for cookies and cakes. We also have mixes for pound cake, quick bread, brownies, ice cream and donuts. Order pancake and waffle mixes for those special mornings when you’re short on time but still want to do a bit extra for the morning meal. The easy mixes let kids help prepare breakfast alongside you. We also have premium ingredients for your own family recipes, including vanilla extract, cocoa and decorations. If your children are gluten-intolerant, they can enjoy baking when you order our gluten-free flour, pie-crust mix and other mixes. Baking mixes and cookie cutters are great gifts to give grandparents who often spend time with the little ones too.

With your guidance and their own Junior Chef non-stick cookware sets, kids are equipped to make foods like burgers, soups and grilled cheese sandwiches. Rolling pins and wooden tools with easy-grip handles make it easier for small hands to roll out cookie dough and stir puddings and sauces. Give kids their own oven mitts to help them feel included in mealtime preparations and stay safe when working around hot appliances and cookware.

Junior chef-style knife sets help budding cooks get used to prepping meats, veggies and fruits. One of the best places to help kids practice knife skills is when you’re out camping and using our outdoor cookware. Help kids set up their prep station on a picnic table, complete with a slip-proof cutting surface under their work. Stand close by to demonstrate the right way to cut and correct any wrong moves. Whether your child is about to filet a first fish or cut up that first onion for camp chili, your son or daughter will remember your gentle and knowledgeable support. Our Junior Chef kitchen tools help kids learn to be smart, skilled, self-sufficient problem solvers at the stove and out in the world.

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