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Give Yourself The Gift of Emile Henry Cookware

Enhance your ovenware collection with Emile Henry cookware. This upscale French cookware maker is known for elegant bakers, bread pots, cloches and stones. With a gently whimsical silhouette to most pieces and a variety of specialty items for the bread maker, this line is highly covetable and designed to last as a meaningful part of your bakeware suite for many years. Teach yourself the pleasures of making your own loaves, flatbreads and pizzas or expand your favorite recipes to include new pies and cakes. Emile Henry cookware includes stew pots, tagines, grillers and more for your culinary satisfaction.

A New Approach to Artisanal Cooking

Emile Henry cookware has been popular in France since its advent in 1850 in the province of Burgundy, a setting known for its fine wine and cuisine. The culture of epicureanism infuses your bakeware and cookware still today as the same family operates the ceramic studio in Marcigny. The modern generation brings an updated approach to your favorite pieces.

  • Look for the cheerful ruffled baking pieces. Pie dishes, cake pans and other bakers feature deep glazes, often in warm colors and a ruffled border that lends fun to final silhouettes.
  • Pizza stones include the traditional, rectangular and ribbed for a variety of flatbread recipes. A sauce pot lets you enjoy Emile Henry quality at yet another step of your pizza making.
  • An international flair takes over with cookware ranging from classic Dutch ovens, made for stews or braising, to tagines, a unique conical clay oven for moist, flavorful cooking.

Curating a New Cookware Palette

Even if you already have a lot of bakeware you love, check out Emile Henry for a new color story. The glistening glazes of these ceramic pieces are remarkably beautiful. You'll want to keep these pieces on display even when not in use.

  • Discover rich navy blue and a palette of gentler blues, including a teal with a hint of gray or a cobalt inspired by precious stones or the ocean.
  • Red is deep and true, leaning towards neither blue nor orange more than the other. There is a good amount of darkness to this red, though, giving your selections a noteworthy drama.
  • Choose white to match an on-trend white kitchen and to keep the aesthetic focus on the silhouette of these pieces, which include light flaring and curved knob or handle details.

Types of Emile Henry Cookware to Get Now

To begin your collection of Emile Henry, start with a few of the classic bakers with ruffled edges for a signature look and versatile use. If you love bread making or love the idea of starting, this is your collection with plenty of cloches and bakers to dive into the baker's art.

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