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All-Clad TK™ Cookware

Being a chef means thinking outside the box, innovating and giving timeless classics a new twist. Whether you’re a professional caterer, a rising star in the world of fine cuisine or a talented cook who enjoys using your creative flair to make unforgettable meals for friends and family, you know how to combine tradition and home cooking with modern techniques. You improvise, create your own masterpieces and give family favorites your own signature style. At Williams-Sonoma, we want you to feel free to express yourself artistically every time you cook. And more than anything, our cookware is designed to help you have a lot of fun when cooking. That’s exactly what’s behind our All-Clad TK™ cookware collection. It brings the knowledge of world-renowned Chef Thomas Keller to the table. It’s almost like having your own private cooking class while you create. Here are a few things that make our All-Clad TK™ cookware so special.

It’s easy to notice the attention to practical details that make a big difference in the All-Clad TK™ collection. This is no coincidence. We worked closely with Chef Keller to design cookware that meets the needs chefs have in the kitchen. In other words, this cookware adapts to you, and not the other way around. What are some of those functional elements? Solid stainless-steel handles give you confidence and stability when carrying pots and pans from burner to burner or even from kitchen to dining room. But we took it a step further by making sure they’re also ergonomic. That way your hands feel comfortable no matter what kind of recipe you’re creating or how many pans you need to use.

Flared rims are another nice detail that make cooking a lot easier. If you’re creating a sauce or stock that gets added to another pot later on, pouring is absolutely effortless. Flared rims also mean you can add just the right amount of liquid without worrying about spills. Interchangeable lids are a practical benefit that saves time. Because one lid fits several different pan sizes, it’s easy to cover what you want, when you want, without filling your prep surface with a bunch of different lids.

One of the main advantages of All-Clad TK™ cookware is having custom pieces designed specifically for the task at hand. Instead of an entire collection with tri-ply stainless-steel, for example, each pot and pan is distinctive for its intended use. Our All-Clad TK™ saucepans feature a copper core because of its exceptional heat control properties. When making sauces, reductions and caramel, that kind of precision is a huge help.

Every piece in the collection pays careful attention to heat conductivity. Multiple layers of 18/10 stainless-steel combined with aluminum or copper make sure food cooks quickly, evenly and completely. That’s great for extracting all the flavor possible from roasts, soups, stews and stir-fried ingredients. Guests and family alike are delighted by your bold meals worthy of an elite restaurant in New York City or Paris.

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