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All-Clad NS1 Cookware

Make cooking a pleasure when you use high-performance cookware. The handcrafted, bonded All-Clad NS1 cookware is superior in its design, combining steel, aluminum and a nonstick surface for versatility. Available at Williams-Sonoma, the innovative pieces that we offer have steel bases that are induction-compatible, rugged nonstick surfaces that are PFOA-free and anodized aluminum exteriors, which have exceptional heating abilities.

Whether you’re looking to rustle up some eggs and bacon for breakfast or to brown vegetables and sear meat for dinner, the fry pan set is ideal. Rapid heat is produced via the durable aluminum, and the design gives precise temperature control. The flared rims allow you to pour without messy drips splashing across your countertop. Opt for the fry pan set with stainless-steel lids to open up new cooking options. The lids are tight-fitting to lock in moisture while the heat circulates.

The NS1 essential pan is just that. Designed with everyday use in mind, the pan has a generous cooking surface, high sides and a lid, allowing you to braise, brown, simmer, deglaze and sear. The chef’s pan is also ideal for everyday use when you need to steam, simmer, sauté or fry your food, or when you want to cook a meal entirely in one pan. It has a large cooking surface, high sides, a flared silhouette and stainless-steel lid.

Cook healthily on a double-burner grill pan. You can fit plenty of ingredients on the large grilling surface, and the high ridge design ensures excess fat drains away and seared grill marks are left on your food. The stainless-steel handles remain cooler on the stove top and make the pan easy to carry. The grill pan can be used on both electric and gas cooktops. When finished, pop it in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning. The griddle pan has a similar design but without the ridges. This lets you cook eggs, pancakes and burgers quickly and easily on a nonstick surface. Both of these pans are also available in a square design.

The frittata pan is comprised of two interlocking nonstick pans. Used together, they’re a great way to flip frittatas on your stovetop without the need for any extra utensils. Separated, the pans are ideal for sautéing ingredients. If you prefer boiled vegetables or have some rice or sauces to cook, the nonstick induction saucepan is the best option.

The nonstick roaster makes cooking meat easy. It features a V–shaped steel rack, which allows the heat to circulate evenly and keeps the meat elevated from the base of the pan. Splatters are prevented due to the tall sides, and the nonstick surface makes it easy for you to use the meat juices in the base of the pan to make gravy. Now that you’ve spent time preparing and cooking a delicious meal, you probably don’t want to spend even more time in the kitchen cleaning up. Thanks to its design, there’s no need to scrub the pan clean after use as you can just pop it in the dishwasher.

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