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Alessi Cookware

Add exquisite European craftsmanship to your kitchen with Alessi cookware that blends elements of art deco and pop art for a classic, modern design. Dating back to its founding as a sheet metal workshop in 1920s Italy, Alessi cookware features elegant artistry and modern utilitarian design crafted for your kitchen by architects and designers including Americans Michael Graves and Frank Gehry. Alessi cookware tea kettles serve as sculptural art pieces for your stove top. Featuring mirror-steel bodies and unique accents, such as mahogany fish and birds, each tea kettle is designed to be a conversation piece and a modern statement. Opt for a conical tea kettle for a modern statement with sharp angles that create dimension, or choose a dome- or wave-shaped tea kettle for a smoother finish.

Alessi cookware pairs well with stainless-steel fry pans and skillets, which add to the modern and sleek design. Choose stainless-steel skillets to create a cohesive design for your stove top, or mix it up with copper skillets that add additional shine, or cast-iron skillets that introduce an industrial vibe to the modern aesthetic of the Alessi cookware. Choose small frying pans to stir up eggs in the morning, or select a large sauté pan to make stir-fry dishes for large gatherings. Create the ultimate in Italian cooking and pair your Alessi cookware with our European cookware collections available at Williams-Sonoma. These collections imbue the historical metal work and culinary traditions of European society directly in your kitchen, no matter where you live.

Complement your Alessi cookware and serve up a delightful afternoon tea or morning espresso with coffee mugs and teacups that suit your design style. Opt for cups featuring metallics, such as gold and silver, to match the modern sheet metal look of the Alessi tea kettles. Add color to the art deco design with vibrant hues and bold patterns that add a touch of warmth to the cool tones of Alessi cookware. Make metals the theme of your apartment or home kitchen with copper cups that add to the Alessi pop art design. Look for pressed copper or pleated designs to add texture to your space and create a contrasting piece with the smooth design of your tea kettle.

Serve up delicate macarons or simple Italian tarts on platters and bowls that invoke the spirit of old European artistry. Choose delicately rimmed bowls with metal accents in silver for a cohesive look with tea kettles from the Alessi cookware collection. Look for a wood bowl for salads that pairs well with the mahogany tea kettle creatures. Make tea time complete with an elegant presentation of desserts to pair with Alessi tea kettles for an art deco appeal right in your dining room or outdoor dining space. Choose a copper cake stand to blend metals or a porcelain cake stand with lacy, looping borders for a look straight out of the Italian countryside.

Serve up dinner in style and complete the modern architectural design of your space with candles that add to the fun and quirky dimensions of your Alessi cookware. Tall pillar candles add an old European elegance from days gone by, or opt for geometric candles and holders, such as stars, to add texture and dimension to the space. Add a main statement piece that complements the metal design of Alessi cookware with a metal-accented hurricane, or create a more intimate feel with copper or stainless-steel votives for a romantic tea time reception. Pair candle holders with bright, vibrant hues to add a burst of color to the modern art deco design, or keep things neutral with creams and beiges. Mix and match colors to create the ideal space.

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