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Combekk Cookware

Artists often have a variety of brushes that they use for different areas of a painting. From fine details to overall beauty, each brush brings something specific and spectacular to the table. In the hands of someone with natural flair, those tools create a breathtaking masterpiece. The same thing happens in your kitchen. The way you utilize each piece of your cookware collection adds distinctive flavors and textures to your recipes. The end result? A culinary tour de force. And while all of our cookware at Williams-Sonoma is designed to be dynamic and professional, it’s important to mention that different materials excel at specific tasks in the kitchen. A well-rounded cookware collection doesn’t necessarily have to be entirely of stainless-steel, copper or the like. It’s OK to mix and match pieces too. Our Combekk cookware features all the benefits of enameled cast-iron. What can enameled cast-iron cookware bring to your creative palette?

One striking advantage of enameled cast-iron cookware is its even heat distribution. That means that both the pan’s surface and the food inside heat uniformly. Why is that important? Well, for one thing it’s a big help in keeping veggies and proteins from burning. Because each piece cooks at the same temperature – when one is done, they’re all done. Thick meals like stews need this kind of even distribution to make sure that the top and bottom parts both receive the same amount of heat.

Even cooking is especially important with slow-cooked meals in the oven. Because they spend most of their cooking time behind closed doors, you don’t have the opportunity to stir; or as in the case of lasagna, the type of food sometimes doesn’t allow stirring. But with enameled cast-iron, you have nothing to worry about. The entire dish – from the last lasagna noodle below to the gorgeously-melted and golden mozzarella above – receives just the right amount of heat from all sides. No hot spots and no burning equal very happy tummies.

Enameled cast iron also has great heat retention. So while it does take a bit longer to heat up than stainless-steel cookware, it stays hot a lot longer. That translates into energy savings. It’s also the reason why enameled cast-iron Dutch ovens only require low to medium heat when baking a favorite dish in the oven. They maintain a high temperature with minimum effort. That’s great for everything from hearty stew with tons of flavor to braised roasts or ribs that literally fall off of the bone.

Does that mean that Combekk cookware is only used for braising and baking? Not at all – though that’s one area where it truly excels. These same advantages of even distribution and heat retention also work wonders on the stove top. How? Well, getting a golden-brown crust in an enameled cast-iron frying pan is easy. That’s because its temperature doesn’t drop hardly at all when adding new ingredients to the pan – even ones that are cold or frozen. That way meats brown beautifully and identically. Then just add some wine or other liquid ingredients for a delicious sauce to accompany them.

Making breakfast in Combekk cookware is quick and effortless. You can cook hash brown potatoes, sausages, eggs and omelet ingredients all in the same pan for major flavor and easy cleanup afterwards. And since enameled cast-iron is so durable, don’t be surprised if it becomes your family’s go-to breakfast pan for ages.

Our enameled cast-iron Combekk cookware is safe and healthy for you and your family for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it’s ideal for low-fat cooking. You can use the amount of oil that you feel comfortable with and that suits your cooking style. Oil-free cooking is not a problem with the enameled surface. Combekk cookware is non-reactive, which means that it keeps the flavors you design intact, no matter what ingredients you choose. Acidic foods like tomatoes and lemon juice are absolutely welcome. Our enameled cast-iron protects you from rust and excess iron, and is PTFE-free as well. And because it’s made from 100 percent recycled materials, Combekk cookware helps you take care of the environment too.