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Silicone Utensils

Cleaning up after cooking can be time-consuming, especially when trying to get off all those sticky substances. Enter silicone utensils, the naturally nonstick tools that can get as much food out of cookware as possible before you even start washing. Silicone heads won’t chip or crack thanks to a flexible structure and have high heat-resistance, ensuring a long shelf life in your kitchen. The Williams-Sonoma line of silicone tools sticks to the “function first” philosophy of our founder, Chuck Williams, with the two most important qualities being durability and performance. Silicone is perfect for the home chef short on cleaning time and needing maximum efficiency.

One of the best uses for silicone utensils is to start your day. Many silicone tools are perfect for breakfast or brunch prep. Crack open some eggs and then mix them up with a silicone whisk. Get every last drop of egg into your frying pan and then stir them as they cook using the same tool: your silicone spatula. Slide the finished product onto a plate, and voila. Fluffy scrambled eggs made delicious with the help of silicone utensils. But the breakfast possibilities don’t end there. A silicone spatula is perfect for pancakes, silicone tongs make flipping bacon a breeze and a silicone spoon handily supplies your biscuits with delicious gravy.

Don’t just limit your morning meal to savory, though. Throw in delicious sweet treats baked up using your nonstick silicone tools. Scrape up delicious scones with fabulous fruit fillings all with a silicone spatula. Master homemade doughnuts using your silicone tongs. Or forget about sweets and bake a golden brown loaf of bread using dough mixed to perfection using your silicone utensils. Once they’re done, dish them out to family and friends using your silicone servers. Make the most important meal of the day sweet and savory all with the help of silicone.

This wonderful material not only can start your day, but it also can end it with delicious desserts. Pull out your silicone utensils to mix up delicious pies, cakes and ice creams. When baking cookies, easily scoop the batter out of the bowl with a silicone spatula – and scrape up the leftover cookie dough for yourself. Making icing? Spread it perfectly and cleanly using silicone tools and then lick up what remains on the spatula using your tongue. Your silicone utensils make baking fun and delicious throughout the whole process – and cleaning up easy once everything’s done.

Mixing bowls pair perfectly with silicone, baking and dessert making. Mix up wet and dry ingredients and create sauces and icings by smartly combining your silicone utensils with your various mixing bowls. Using silicone tools, you can scrounge every last bit out of your mixing bowls. That makes cleaning them much easier, which saves on time and money for the busy home chef. And scrounging up enough batter for an extra cookie or two never hurts.

Once you’re done cooking or baking, there’s only one home for your silicone tools: a stylish utensil holder. Choose from rustic hammered copper, classic stoneware such as ceramic or marble, or the modern look of stainless-steel to touch up the decor in your kitchen. Sitting on the counter, your holder full of silicone utensils can offer a pop of color to your food prep area. If you are light on counter space, try a wall- or cupboard-mounted rack for easy access to your silicone tools.

Then there’s the fun side to silicone. Since there’s no sharp edges, silicone is kid-friendly, so you can make cooking and baking fun for the whole family. Your little ones will love to help using their own special silicone utensils, like the No Kid Hungry series of spatulas featuring charming designs. Let your child pick their favorite, and then get to work mixing up memories.

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