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Cooking Utensils by Material

When you’re moving to a new home and want to start your collection of cooking utensils from scratch or are just looking to replace a particular tool or two, consider our quality selection at Williams-Sonoma. Perhaps the quickest way to search if you’re not looking for a specific brand is to look for your cooking utensils by material. We have stainless-steel, nonstick, silicone, wood and copper utensils that cater to every culinary need.

Stainless-steel is incredibly durable, being resistant to stains, rust and scratches. It’s easy to clean, and you can pop it into your dishwasher after use. It transfers heat well and can also handle being placed in your refrigerator. So consider a set of stainless-steel cooking utensils to cover all your kitchen needs, from food preparation to serving the finished meal.

Beat egg whites and whip cream with ease using a rounded balloon whisk or choose a long, narrow French whisk, which is also ideal for mixing batter. When making a gravy or roux, you’ll need a flat whisk instead. The non-reactive property of the material means the flavor of your ingredients remains untainted.

Use a turner to lift and turn your vegetables and meat during cooking. The same tool lets you transfer them easily to the serving dish when finished. A slotted design lets oil and excess fat drain through. Alternatively, grip food securely when transferring it from your cookware to your serving dish using precision locking tongs. A contoured design means you’ll benefit from a comfortable grip and a scalloped edge allows for excess liquids to drain.

Pour soup using a ladle that’s designed with pouring spouts for drip-free serving. Drain the liquid from vegetables or pasta efficiently using a slotted spoon in the pan. Some tools are specifically designed for certain types of food, so you can narrow your search when looking for a spatula to serve fish, lasagna and burgers, for example. A pie server has a serrated edge to cut a delicious slice of pie and a triangular head that slides underneath the slice for easy transfer to your dessert plate. Keep your stainless-steel utensils in a matching crock. It looks sleek and modern in your kitchen and a quick wipe with a cloth ensures it keeps its shine.

Nonstick cooking utensils have a slick coating to prevent food from getting stuck to them. This makes for easy cleaning and less mess when cooking. The material also has a certain amount of flexibility that other materials can’t offer. For example, spatulas with flexible heads let you handle delicate food, such as fried eggs and pancakes, easily without causing breakage.

A roasting scoop resembles a shovel and is used to scoop ingredients straight from your cutting board or roasted vegetables direct from your pan. A heat-resistant pasta fork with a nylon head means you can stir and serve pasta straight from the pan without risk of sticking and any resultant fiddling and mess.

Silicone is another nonstick material and it is resistant to high heat. Perhaps one advantage over other nonstick materials is that it is so visually appealing, being available in various colors and designs. This means you can match the color to your kitchen decor. Alternatively, invest in some fun designs, which is a great way to get kids interested and more involved in the kitchen. You’ll have to pry Spider-Man™ or Star Wars™ utensils out of your kids’ hands, especially when they’re flipping a batch of cookies with their very own spatula.

Wooden cooking utensils have a traditional appeal, and the soft material means they’re quiet to use and won’t scratch your pots. You can also leave them in a hot pot without risk of burning your hand later as the material doesn’t conduct heat. Copper, on the other hand, has incredible heat conductivity and is preferred by many cooks for its efficiency. There’s also no denying its aesthetic appeal, and the shiny utensils look great in any kitchen, no matter what style of decor you have chosen.

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