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Innovators in the field of cookware since 1975, All-Clad also brings its legendary
expertise to kitchen electrics, cooks' tools, cutlery, bakeware and essentials for
outdoor grilling – all designed for unsurpassed culinary performance. These
commercial-quality collections are favorites among chefs and home cooks alike.



The smart design and superb performance of All-Clad cookware make it the choice of
America’s leading professional chefs and home cooks alike. Whatever your style of cooking
and level of experience, there’s an All-Clad collection for you.


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d5 Cookware

Five-layer bonded construction
for fast, even heating.
Nonreactive stainless-steel
interiors and exteriors for easy
cleanup. Induction compatible
for maximum versatility.
Dishwasher safe. Made in USA.


All-Clad-brand-FD118-cookware-row1 Copper Core Cookware >C4 Copper Cookware >

Copper Core Cookware

A thick copper core and five-layer
construction for optimal heat distribution and
reliable responsiveness. Induction compatible
and dishwasher safe. Made in USA.


C4 Copper Cookware

A Williams Sonoma exclusive. All-Clad's
first-ever copper cookware delivers the ultimate
in heat responsiveness and conductivity with
patented four-layer construction. Made in USA.



All-Clad-brand-FD118-cookware-row2-tm NS1 Cookware >TK Cookware >

TK   Cookware

Designed by Chef Thomas Keller, these pieces
feature either Tri-Ply, d5 or Copper Core bonded
construction to ensure precise results for each
pan's intended use. Made in USA.


NS1 Cookware

Combines quality, convenience and durability for
ultimate performance. Durable PFOA-free
nonstick surface. Hard-anodized aluminum with a
sturdy stainless-steel base for warp resistance
and induction compatibility. Dishwasher safe.




All-Clad's history of innovation is also apparent in the company's top-quality kitchen electrics, from
countertop grills and slow cooker to portable immersion blenders. Designed for ease of use and
top efficiency, each All-Clad machine relies on advanced technology for outstanding culinary performance.


Cooks’ Tools

Our commercial-quality All-Clad tools perform a wide variety of kitchen tasks with
precision and ease – and make ideal partners for All-Clad cookware.


Cooks' Tools

“All-Clad did extensive
user research to ensure
that each of its new
cooking tools has an
ergonomic design that is
perfectly balanced for
control and ease.”

— Aundrea
Tools Wizard




All-Clad transforms outdoor grilling with stainless-steel cookware and tools that resist
corrosion and warping – even at searing temperatures up to 700 degrees F.


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The efficient design of All-Clad's iconic tri-ply cookware is also the secret to its
top-quality bakeware, which yields delicious and uniformly browned results.


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The History of All-Clad

Founded in 1971 by metallurgist John Ulam, All-Clad Metalcrafters was the first cookware
company to use bonded (clad) construction, layering different metals, such as stainless steel and
aluminum, into one. The result is beautiful pots and pans that outperform cookware made with a
single metal. All-Clad stainless steel cookware is still handcrafted in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, with
American-made steel, just as it was over four decades ago.

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