Agrarian Wreaths and Trees

What could be better than bringing some of the outdoors inside or adding a touch of natural color to your exterior doors? At Williams Sonoma, we are excited to usher in new seasons with beautiful agrarian wreaths and trees that will remain beautiful for year after year.

Imagine celebrating all of autumn’s abundance with a wreath filled with colors and textures of the season. With bay leaves serving as the foundation, artisans lovingly add distinctive botanicals such as cherry peppers, yarrow and safflower. This wreath would be right at home on an entryway door or even indoors in an entryway. Wreaths and trees coordinate beautifully with other room decor such as decorative plants to help you create a pleasing ensemble in your living areas.

Garlands are another festive option to add to your living areas. You could even drape garlands in outdoor areas such as patios and decks. With just the right touch of color and texture, garlands could be the perfect accent over outdoor lounge furniture and outdoor dining furniture. Perhaps the combination of corn and corn husks would be a winning accent for your patio. All of these botanicals are proudly grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides to ensure your health and safety. Or, a festive garland of fall leaves might be your choice for autumn decor.

If you simply can’t get enough of the scents and textures of the autumn season, a quince and cinnamon stick wreath can be a delightful addition to your kitchen. The combination of botanicals is a feast for the senses, especially the air-dried quince slices and bright red cherry peppers. With cinnamon sticks sprinkled here and there, the finished effect is absolutely stunning. This wreath meshes beautifully with other kitchen decor such as tablecloths and table runners.

If you prefer a wreath with year-round appeal, perhaps an olive and willow wreath would be ideal. The combination of eucalyptus and olive leaves ensures a delightful fragrance wherever you choose to place this wreath. Placed in the dining room, this wreath could be a beautiful addition to your dinnerware collections. Although rustic in nature, this wreath is suitable for both casual and elegant dining and living areas.

If you have ever breathed in the delightful combination of rosemary and lavender, you likely recognized a little bit of heaven here on Earth. How about a wreath that combines these herbs, air-dried and woven together into a distinctive piece? You could mount this wreath indoors or in an outdoor area where it will stay dry. Pull together colors from outdoor rugs for a tasteful ensemble that will delight all of the senses. You might even think outside the box and choose a square wreath instead of the classic round shape. Imagine the distinctive touch a square wreath could add to any room. Don’t forget to make wreath-hanging on a door a breeze with one of our wreath hangers, available in copper and silver.

With a wide array of agrarian foliage from which to choose, we think you’ll enjoy bringing these natural touches to your indoor and outdoor living areas. You might choose from a colorful herbal swag for a kitchen wall or a gorgeous rosemary wreath for the kitchen door. Placing a tall vase of curly willow branches on a fireplace hearth is a lovely touch as well. The look of a coordinating fall wreath and garland above a fireplace mantle could be the perfect way to bring autumn into your living room or family room. Decorating is oh-so-easy and stunningly beautiful when you use natural decor that echoes the seasons in your home.

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