Garden Plants

At Williams-Sonoma, we know that garden plants add stunning decor to your home and create a beautiful space where you can grow and tend to your favorite plants. Whether you wish to grow florals for an exquisite look or herbs, fruits and vegetables for use in the kitchen, there’s something for everyone. If you have a small balcony apartment or wish to separate your garden into easy to manage beds, select raised beds and planters. Vertical planters are ideal for small spaces as they greatly increase garden space without taking up a lot of room. Raised beds are also better suited to preventing weeds and allow roots to grow straight down for hardier plants.

Florals are generally displayed in garden beds or adorning planters and pots for a manicured appearance. With round, square and rectangular shapes, these pots add dimension to your outdoor space and instantly brighten up rooms. Choose from wood finishes that add a natural, rustic look or go contemporary and modern with ceramic and metal pots. Our pots are available individually or already equipped with plants of your choice so you can save time and effort. Display several across your kitchen window to hold all your favorite herbs, or choose a potted succulent to show a host how much you appreciate an evening at his or her home.

Keep your garden plants looking their best with garden tools and supplies designed to maintain soil and prevent the spread of weeds. Potting tools such as shovels and trowels clear and aerate dirt to encourage nutrients and plants to flourish. Hand weeders help to keep your garden and potted plants looking neatly manicured by removing stray weeds. Claw weeders are best suited for pulling out large weed clumps while those with sharp, curved edges are better at targeting individual offenders. Our hand weeders feature a compact silhouette so you can get into tight corners in pots and flower beds.

If you live in a climate with a long growing season or simply enjoy handling the entire growing process yourself, seeds are the ideal solution. We offer a range of seed kits from pods and boxes to traditional pouches so you can grow herbs and vegetables at home. If you’re using seeds as a gift for the gardener in your life, choose a stunning box to sweetly display pouches of seeds for growing. Depending on where you live, the growing season can be too short for a variety of herbs and vegetables, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid these plants. Start seeds indoors three to four weeks before the growing season. Once the last frost has passed, you can move the seedlings outside to pots or beds.

Whether you choose a potted plant or seeds, you’ll need to maintain the nutrient value of your soil. Our selection of compost ensures your plants have the proper pH level and the proper nutrients to grow. Composting is environmentally friendly and you can use kitchen scraps to promote the health of your outdoor garden. From simple plastic bins that you can set under the kitchen sink to large, wood compost bins that adorn your garden, there is a composter for everyone.

Take your garden to the next level and turn your harvests into striking wreaths that you can use to adorn a holiday table or entryway. Succulent wreaths can also be used as wall art and the nature of these hardy plants means you won’t have to worry about constantly watering or caring for them. Plants such as lavender and rose add a soft, subtle scent that lightens up a home. Create your own custom wreath using items from your garden or choose one of our designed wreaths for a gorgeous addition to your next event.

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