Chicken Coops

Treat yourself to farm-fresh eggs every day – even if you live in the heart of the city – with chicken coops from our selection of agrarian garden products at Williams Sonoma. Start your morning by gathering eggs to scramble or poach for a breakfast in bed or weekend brunch. Toast some homemade bread and top it with strawberry jam you made at home. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’re providing a great life for your animal friends and living a lifestyle that honors the earth.

Agrarian Living

You may not live on a farm, but you can still make small changes in your lifestyle to get in touch with your agrarian roots. All you need is a little space and some canning supplies. Plant a patio garden so you have year-round access to vegetables grown just the way you like them. Shop at farmer's markets to find in-season produce and enjoy it year round by canning and storing it. You can also raise your own chickens as long as you have room for them to roam – and a chicken coop.

A Coop to Call Home

Your hens may prefer strutting around the backyard, but they need a place to stay when the sun goes down. Keep them safe in their own chicken coop with a closed space where they can roam out of the reach of dogs, raccoons and cats. Look for security features like heavy-gauge wire mesh and solidly constructed doors with locks designed to keep out curious creatures. To make the most of your space, consider a coop with planters where you can create your own miniature herb or vegetable gardens. As a bonus, you can use chicken fertilizer to give your plants the nutrients they need to grow without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Chickens need just the right amount of space to be happy and productive, so look for a coop that’s an adequate size for your flock. Three hens can supply enough eggs each day for a couple, and six hens generally keep a family of four supplied with fresh eggs. Choose a coop with built-in nesting nooks where the hens can lay their eggs. You can reach them easily through an exterior door when it's time to collect them. Give your chickens a ramp to climb when they’re ready to roost. Your chickens also need enough ventilation to prevent the build-up of odors but enough protection from the elements that they stay comfortable in all seasons.

Chicken Feeders for the Flock

In the wild, chickens forage for food, scratching and pecking at the ground in search of bugs. It’s normal behavior that they repeat even in your backyard or on your urban patio where you supply their feed. Keep this in mind as you choose a chicken feeder. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold up to the chickens’ legs and beaks to make sure it doesn’t tip over during feeding times, which exposes the food to the elements and degrades it. Look for feeders and waterers with covers that keep out bugs and moisture so your chickens always have access to fresh food and water.

Whether you live in the middle of the city or in the heart of suburbia, you can enjoy a taste of the farm each day with eggs from your very own chickens. Shop our collection of chicken coops and supplies for the tools you need to embrace a more agrarian lifestyle and discover the ways food can taste better when you have a hand in growing it.