Canning & Preserving Supplies

The arts of agrarian life is making a comeback – although it never truly went away! From chicken coops and apiaries to home gardens and canning setups, growing and saving your own food can be the ideal way of enjoying nature’s fresh bounty. That’s why we at Williams Sonoma provide a complete range of canning and preserving supplies that we carefully selected for their superior quality and design.

Choosing Your Ideal Jar

There are several different kinds of canning jars you can choose from, including those with seals and a rubber gasket-tab combination and those with locking glass lids. The types of jars you choose for canning are largely a matter of personal preference in some ways. The most important part of the process comes through proper sanitation and storage. Consider factors such as size, type and quantity of food you want to can. Think about how you want to store the jars, such as stacked on top of one another. Figure out whether presentation is important to you and whether you want to be able to safely close the jar and refrigerate it after opening. Different designs can be better suited for these purposes than others. For example, if you wish to stack your canning jars, it’s a helpful idea to choose a style that includes a large top that’s a similar size and shape to the bottom. This ensures stability for secure storage.

Selecting Other Canning Supplies

Jars aren’t the only important supplies you need for successful canning. You can also find a wide variety of other essential canning supplies, from ingredient-prep tools to pots and racks for boiling. Other kitchen tools, such as a colander for washing ingredients prior to prepping, can be important for the canning process, too. Think about the entire task from start to finish to ensure you have everything you need.

Canning & Preserving Kits and Sets

Some preserving projects don’t necessarily call for canning but require special equipment. Pickling, brining, fermenting and other forms of preservation usually generate a fair amount of pressure in their containers. That means they need special vessels so you can complete the recipes. If you’re new to the world of preserving your own pickles, sauerkraut and other fermented foods, you may be particularly interested in these kits. They’re a way of simplifying the process for an easy introduction to a new hobby.

Whether you’re saving the fruits of your labor for your own family or creating tasty treats to give out as gifts to friends, these canning supplies deliver both form and function for a stylish and usable canning setup. Along with food dehydrators, canning supplies are important parts of storing up high-quality foods for off-season eating. Select your canning jars and other supplies carefully based on the kind of preserving you plan to do. Then enjoy the canning process so you can savor the delicious flavors of your favorite seasonal foods all year long!